vrijdag 4 juni 2010

Europees Joods Congres roept Europese Unie op IHH en andere terroristische frontorganisaties te verbieden

Het wil in de Nederlandse media nog niet echt doordringen dat de Gaza vloot was georganiseerd door islamitische extremisten en fundamentalisten, en niet door linkse vredesactivisten. Een van de twee Nederlanders aan boord is waarschijnlijk een kopstuk van Hamas. Veel opvarenden uit de Arabische landen blijken betrokken bij de Moslim Broederschap en andere radikale organisaties. En het Turkse schip was georganiseerd door de IHH, waarover hieronder meer. Dat praat Israels actie van afgelopen maandag niet automatisch goed, maar laten we eens ophouden om Israel als de wrede dader en haar tegenstanders als lelieblanke Sneeuwwitjes voor te stellen. Of gelooft u nog in sprookjes?

The EJC calls on the European Union to ban the IHH and other terrorist front organizations to ensure no repeat of flotilla events
Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In the wake of the events surrounding the flotilla that was headed towards Gaza earlier in the week, the European Jewish Congress (EJC) calls on the European Union and European nations to immediately proscribe the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (Insani Yardim Vakfi), otherwise known as the IHH and other similar terrorist front organizations.

"Organizations affiliated with and used as front for terrorist groups like Hamas and Al Qaeda have to be outlawed with immediate effect," Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the EJC said.

According to a report issued in 2006 by the Danish Institute for International Studies, during the 1990s the IHH maintained links with al-Qaida and a number of "global jihad networks." The report also said that the Turkish government launched an investigation into the IHH which began in December 1997 after receiving intelligence that the IHH had bought automatic weapons from Islamist terrorists. Following the revelation, the Turkish government launched a raid on the organization's Istanbul offices, where they found weapons, explosives, and instructions for bomb-making. The report added that an examination of documents found at the IHH office indicated that the group was planning to take part in terrorist activities in Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Bosnia.

According to the study, a French intelligence report found that in the mid-1990s IHH leader B'ulent Yildirim recruited soldiers for jihad activities in a number of Muslim countries and that the IHH transferred money, firearms, and explosives to jihadists in said countries.

"It is evident that the IHH has been an organization long associated with terror and global Jihad" Kantor continued. "Such organizations need to be immediately exposed so Europeans will not be deceived into believing that they are a legitimate humanitarian organization."

It became clear that this flotilla did not have a humanitarian goal when its organizers rejected repeated calls to pass their aid through Egypt or Israel, which is done on a daily basis and used regularly by the United Nations and Red Cross.

The EJC calls upon the European Union and the Council of Europe to initiate a study and establish an advisory list of organisations which have ties to terror to warn Europeans from associating with them.

The European Jewish Congress is the democratically-elected umbrella organization of European Jewry.

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