maandag 17 januari 2011

Hamas sloot radiostation van gehandicapten in Gaza

...maar Israel is mede schuldig?

Blind man can't find job in Ramallah, Israel blamed
From Al-Arabiya:
Ramzy Abul Jedian is a blind radio presenter who worked for the Gaza-based Sawt al-Erada (The voice of determination) station for the handicapped, the first of its kind in Palestine and the whole world.

The station was established by the Higher Committee for Defending the Rights of the Handicapped in the Deir al-Balah refugee camp in central Gaza Strip then was closed after Hamas took control of the strip in 2007.

"According to human rights activists, the station started facing pressure by the Hamas government and eventually had to close," Abu Jedian told "In October 2007, I left Gaza."

Accompanied by his younger brother Ahmed, also blind, and Abul Jedian left for Ramallah, leaving behind his wife and children and hoping he would be able to find a job in one of Ramallah's radio stations.

"I wanted a job that allows me to speak for my fellow handicapped, but the society still underestimates the handicapped and does not understand the role they can play in the media."

After failing to secure the job he wanted, Abul Jedian now roams the streets of Ramallah with his brother, who he can't leave alone at home, with coffee flasks in order to earn his living.
A sad story that shows the problems of the handicapped in any society as well as the problems from the Hamas takeover of Gaza.

But how does Al Arabiya introduce this article?
The sight of former Palestinian radio presenter Ramzy Abul Jedian selling coffee in the streets of Ramallah sheds light not only on the suffering of Palestinians under the Israeli occupation, but also the effects of internal divisions between Palestinian factions.
How exactly Israel is hurting Jedian is never mentioned. But then again, it is obvious that every Palestinian Arab who ever suffers must blame Israel. Israel is the one unifying factor that allows Palestinian Arabs to escape responsibility for their own shortcomings.

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