dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Haaretz maakt in vertaling illegale Palestijnse bewoners helemaal legaal

Haaretz is in ieder geval zo netjes om een fout te corrigeren, dat kun je van Nederlandse media helaas niet altijd zeggen. Misleidende en onjuiste beweringen (altijd ten nadele van Israel) worden zelden gecorrigeerd. Camera wijst er overigens op dat dit niet de eerste fout ten nadele van Israel is in de Haaretz, de meest geciteerde krant onder Israelcritici en antizionisten.

Ha'aretz's Lie in Translation

The phrase "lost in translation" does not begin to do justice to what transpired today in Zvi Bar'el's opinion column in Ha'aretz. Referring to a proposal by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat linking the eviction of Jews residing illegally in a Silwan building to the eviction of Palestinians living illegally in the same neighborhood, the Hebrew version of the column states:

בית שבו גרים יהודים באופן בלתי חוקי יוחלף בבית שבו מתגוררים פלסטינים באופן בלתי חוקי

Which means: "A house in which Jews live illegally will be exchanged for a house in which Palestinians live illegally." (Emphasis added.)

And yet, the English version of this article, states:

A house in which Jews live illegally will be exchanged for a house in which Palestinians live entirely legally. (Emphasis added.)

Is this either an entirely innocent slip of the pen or perhaps subconscious editorializing on the translator's part? It's impossible to know, but the introduction of the word "entirely," which does not appear in the Hebrew original, suggests something perhaps more deliberate at play here.

Either way, in case you were wondering which version is actually correct, check back at this earlier story in Ha'aretz, which identified the Abu Na'eb home as belonging to the Ateret Cohanim organization.

Check back for an update about a correction.

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In record time, Ha'aretz corrects the error in print and online. See http://www.camera.org/index.asp?x_context=2&x_outlet=55&x_article=1978


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