donderdag 8 maart 2012

Moeten deze Palestijnse bedrijven geboycot worden?


Elder of Ziyon toont (weer eens) aan dat de boycotters niet alleen Israel, maar ook de Palestijnen treffen met hun zinloze acties. Men roept immers op ook Palestijnse boeren en bedrijven te boycotten die met Israel samenwerken. Een boycot van Israel draagt niet bij aan vrede, en dat is ook niet het doel van de BDS beweging.





Should these Palestinian Arab companies be boycotted?


The 22nd annual International Agro-Mashov Exhibition was held in Tel Aviv last week, attracting 20,000.

Including Palestinian Arab attendees and exhibitors.


Over 300 Palestinian agriculturists came to Agro-Mashov to meet potential Israeli and international partners to develop their businesses.

Furthermore, 10 Palestinian companies presented their products to the public. A unique booth was installed to promote their presence. The Civil Administration coordinated their arrival.

Haim Allouche, the Managing Director of the Agro-Mashov said that for 22 years he has been inviting Palestinian agriculturists, and that this is the 2nd year that the Agro-Mashov hosts Palestinian companies: “What we are making here is real peace together, trough cooperation and business”, he added.

We met with different dynamic Palestinian companies, developing and exporting all over the world. Here are two profiles of the participants.


This Jenin-based company is a fair trade organization that works with small Palestinian farmers and produces mainly olive oil, but also soaps, couscous and spices.
Created in 2005, the enterprise distributes its products all over the West Bank, particularly the big cities: Jenin, Ramallah, and Bethlehem. 
On top of this, Nasser, the CEO, tells us that the company also exports to 16 other countries, mostly Europe and North America, but also South-Korea and Australia.

Canaan Fair Trade produces 500 metric tons of olive oil a year and generates 6 million dollars of revenue per year. All the products are organic and fair trade certified.
Canaan Fair Trade has also attended the Agro-Mashov Exhibition last year. Nasser hopes to find Israeli partners and start selling in the country, which represents a huge market.


Taybeh Brewing Co. is the only Palestinian brewery, located next to Ramallah. Madees Khoury, the Operations Manager is serving beers at her stand.
Created by her father in 1994, the Brewery has 5 different kinds of beers: Golden, Amber, Dark, Non-Alcoholic and apple flavor.

Mrs Khoudy, born in the US, studied Business Management in Boston and spent her childhood between Taybeh and America. Smiling, she claims to be the 1st Palestinian female brewer.

Taybeh Brewing Co. is a growing company. It exports to a lot of countries including Japan, Sweden, Germany, and Belgium. The brewery produces 600 000 liters of beers each year and is present in Israel as well. The Taybeh beers are available is various pubs throughout Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv.

“Our goal is to make the Taybeh Beer brand very famous in Israel”, added Madees Khoury.


So these companies must be "collaborators" with the "Zionist enemy" and should, of course, be boycotted for their cooperation with Israel. They are clearly contradicting the supposedly unanimous call from "Palestinian civil society" to boycott Israel. In the interests of supporting Palestinian Arab history of non-violent resistance, they should be firebombed.

Too bad, Electronic Intifada - no more Taybeh beer for you.

UPDATE: For some reason, some people think I am advocating boycotting Palestinian Arab companies who want to do business in Israel. As I thought I made clear, I am saying that he BDSers would want to boycott these companies because they "collaborate" - just as theadvocate boycotting Palestinian Arab produce that is exported by Israeli companies. 


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