zaterdag 20 november 2010

Vanuit Gazastrook raketten met fosfor afgevuurd op Israel

Het is weer hommeles in Israel en de Gazastrook. De afgelopen dagen werden er al enkele raketten afgevuurd, en nu zijn er zelfs vier raketten afgevuurd met witte fosfor en een Grad raket. Israel heeft enkele doelen in de Gazastrook gebombardeerd. De kans dat de boel echt gaat escaleren is echter niet groot, want Hamas wil vooralsnog geen nieuw conflict met Israel, een paar weken nadat men heeft toegegeven dat 600 a 700 strijders zijn gedood door Israel in de Gaza oorlog.

Lieberman tells UN envoy to file complaint on Gaza rockets

IAF strikes targets in Gaza in response to 11 rockets fired at western Negev, Ashkelon area; 4 shells contained white phosphorous; Salah-al-Din Brigades claim mortar fire response to IDF assassination of terrorists.
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman instructed UN envoy Meron Reuben to file a complaint with the international body over the barrage of rockets and mortar shells fired into southern Israel from the Gaza Strip on Friday, Israel Radio reported.

Lieberman told Reuben to turn the UN's attention specifically to the fact that mortar shells containing white phosphorous were fired from Gaza on Friday. The UN-commissioned Goldstone Report condemned Israel for using white phosphorous during Operation Cast Lead.

Earlier on Friday , in response to the rocket and mortar fire, IAF jets successfully struck three terror-related targets in Gaza.

Palestinian sources reported that an Islamic Jihad training base was among the targets attacked by the IAF. Eight total injuries were reported in the airstrikes.

The IDF also reported that the four mortar shells that landed in the Ashkelon Regional Council area earlier on Friday contained white phosphorous.
The Salah al-Din Brigade claimed responsibility for the four mortar shells, which they said came in response to the IDF assassination of two members of the Army of Islam, an al-Qaida affiliated group, earlier this week.

In addition to the four mortar shells containing white phosphorous fired into Israel on Friday, three additional mortar shells were fired towards the western Negev.

All the the shells exploded in open land.

No injuries were reported and no damage was caused.

Earlier on Friday a Grad rocket was shot from Gaza towards Israel.

The Grad rocket was the first since July, and the first to land near Ofakim since Operation Cast Lead. The rocket exploded in an open area, injuring three cows and damaging a building.

In addition, two Kassam rockets landed in the Merhavim Regional Council of the western Negev. No injuries and damage were reported.

Another rocket was shot on Friday morning. It landed in Palestinian territory.

Kassam rockets have been shot from Gaza towards the western Negev almost daily since 2001. The IDF Spokesperson's unit reported that over 180 rockets have landed in Israel since the beginning of the year.

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