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Zes Palestijnen gedood bij gevechten PA en Hamas

Weer een paar martelaren erbij voor de heilige Palestijnse strijd tegen de zionistische bezetter, gedood door de kogels van de verraderlijke collaborateurs van Fatah. Dat laatste is niet alleen de Hamas visie. Zo merkte een Nijmegenaar afgelopen week op internet op:
"Of dat Hamas op Fatah schiet, omdat het collaborateurs zijn, die een enorme schade aanrichten?"
Dat schiet lekker op met de vrede, als autochtone Nederlanders al partij kiezen voor Hamas tegen Fatah. Waarschijnlijk heeft deze fanaat ook de "I love Gaza" en "boycot Israel" grafiti in Nijmegen verspreid.

Six Palestinians killed in Hamas-PA clashes in Qalqiliya
Date: 31 / 05 / 2009  Time:  08:27

Bethlehem/Qalqilia - Ma'an - Six Palestinians were killed on Sunday morning in clashes between Palestinian Authority security services and gunmen affiliated to Hamas in the northern West Bank city of Qalqiliya, medical sources said.

According to the sources, three security officers and two Hamas fighters were killed, in addition to the owner of the building where the Hamas men had stationed themselves.

Officials named the PA-affiliated victims as Shahir Abu At-Tayyib and Abd Ar-Rahman Yasin, who were officers in the Palestinian preventive security services. A third security officer from the national security service was killed, but his identity remained unknown.

Meanwhile, Hamas affiliates Muhammad Yasin and Muhammad As-Samman were also killed in the clash, in addition to the owner of the building, Abd An-Nasser Al-Basha.

The clashes erupted late on Saturday night as a group of Hamas' militant wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, opened fire at PA security services in Qalqiliya before they stationed themselves in a building in the city, Palestinian security sources told Ma'an.

The sources said security services spotted two gunmen who refused to identify themselves before they opened fire toward the security officials. Security besieged the gunmen and clashes erupted.

Late on Saturday night, Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV reported that two Hamas fighters were besieged in Qalqiliya, and called on the movement's affiliates to organize rallies to release the fighters.

For their part, Hamas' Al-Qassam Brigades accused PA security services of pursuing the group in Qalqiliya the week leading up to Sunday's incident. They said in a statement, "PA security conducted a wide-scale arrest campaign in Qalqiliya, particularly against dozens of Hamas affiliates. Then they besieged As-Samman and Yasin, demanding they hand themselves over, but they refused and asked security services to withdraw and let them go. PA security began shooting at the Hamas activists, and so they were forced to fire back."

The Brigades warned PA security of any attempt to harm "wanted Hamas activists," asserting that such targeting will mark a new phase and may lead to an explosion in violence.

Earlier, Hamas had accused PA security forces of arresting five of the Islamic movement's members in the West Bank on Thursday night, and another 14 the night before. The PA has not commented on these claims and, when pressed by journalists, has repeatedly denied that it holds political prisoners.

Sunday's PA-Hamas incident is the most violent in recent memory in the occupied territories since 2007's turmoil, when Fatah-affiliated PA forces gained control of the West Bank and Hamas took over Gaza.

It was not immediately clear how the latest flare up would affect talks planned in Cairo for between the two rival Palestinian movements, which have repeatedly met over the past year to try to resolve their differences and establish a Palestinian unity government.

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