donderdag 4 juni 2009

Open brief Knessetleden Arbeidspartij aan Barack Obama

Vier Knessetleden van coalitiepartij Labor, waaronder oud-minister Amir Peretz, schreven ook een brief aan Obama; welke vredesgroep gaat deze bezorgen?

The Jerusalem Post
Jun 3, 2009 21:27 | Updated Jun 3, 2009 21:30
An open letter to President Barack Obama

Dear President Obama,

We write this open letter with great hopes and out of deep concern that Israel is about to miss the opportunities that your presidency offers the Middle East.

We welcome the fact that you are about to arrive in our region. Your forthcoming speech in Egypt, we are sure, will sow the seeds of a new era grounded in an emphasis on negotiation, attempting to bridge cultural and religious gaps, exchanging a culture of war with a culture of dialogue.

We believe that a process of reconciliation with the Arab world, as well as the beginning of an immediate and intensive process of negotiation with our Palestinian neighbors will strengthen Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, a state that treats all its citizens with justice and respect and lives with its neighbors in a political atmosphere of acceptance and stability.

We know that you are deeply committed to Israel's security and well-being. Like many in Israel and abroad, we believe that a two-state solution - grounded in a painful territorial compromise and mutual recognition - is the only solution that can sustain the Zionist dream of establishing a national homeland for the Jews.

It is for this reason that we deeply regret the fact that you are not paying a visit to Israel.

Such a visit would have been received with great enthusiasm by all those who wish to see your leadership and vision paving the way for a better future for the next generations in Israel and its neighbors.

The writers are Labor MKs.

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