zaterdag 6 juni 2009

Alternative Information Center demoniseert Israel met Europese subsidies

NGO Monitor, AIC: Demonizing Israel and Opposing �Normalization�

Het Alternative Information Center, dat tegen vrede en tegen Israel is, wordt door bijvoorbeeld Zembla als betrouwbare bron beschouwd.


June 04, 2009
NGO Monitor - Promoting Accountability in the Arab-Israeli Conflict
AIC: Demonizing Israel and Opposing "Normalization"
The Alternative Information Center (AIC) is a radical political organization run by individuals with links to the Trotskyite anti-Zionist Revolutionary Communist League (Matzpen) and the PFLP terror group. Its funders include: Diakonia (from the Swedish government), Christian Aid (Irish government), and Sodepau (Catalan government in Spain).

Examples of AIC rhetoric:
 "…Israel's colonial strategies of ethnic cleansing, systematic segregation, the denial of basic civil and human rights and the erasing of Palestinians from history…"
"Shimon Peres is definitely an enemy of the Palestinian people, of human rights and of peace, and any kind of collaboration by a Palestinian organization with the Peres Center is scandalous..."
"Only the choice of resistance can put an end to the occupation. Fighting and negotiating together."
"Barak and the rest of them – to Nuremberg!"
"[Sanctions] can provide an excellent framework to fight normalization with Israel."

Israel has "put itself...outside the community of civilized countries."
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