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Assistent Arafat Umm Nasser: "Israel is de kanker van het Midden-Oosten"

Arafats voormalige 'office manager' over Arafats vrouw, zijn dood, en Israel.


Arafat's Former Office Manager "Umm Nasser":
Israel Is the Cancer of the Middle East and Should Be Uprooted Any Way Possible

MEMRI: No. 2124 - January 26, 2009

Following are excerpts from an interview with "Umm Nasser," Yasser Arafat's former office manager, which aired on Mihwar TV on January 26, 2009.

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Interviewer: The IMF, which is an official international organization, declared that $10 million, out of a total of $900 million, went to Suha Arafat's accounts in Paris. The IMF also stated that she was spending huge amounts on herself - hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly - and the rest was going to her personal accounts.
"Umm Nasser": What I know for sure is that she receives a monthly stipend from brother Abu Mazen, as a pension to which she is entitled as Abu Ammar's widow. She gets a stipend for her monthly expenses, which she spends on herself, her daughters, and their life in exile. She receives a monthly allowance of $25,000. I know this for a fact.
Interviewer: This is according to the IMF. The prosecution in Paris is investigating the period of 2002-2003 - before the death of Abu Ammar.
"Umm Nasser": This is all I know about her and about her expenses.
Interviewer: Who killed Yasser Arafat?
"Umm Nasser": Israel and America. Sharon said to Bush, the greatest criminal: "What else can I do? We've already placed Abu Ammar under siege."
Interviewer: Did Sharon tell [Bush] to set the precise time for him to die?
"Umm Nasser": Yes. Bush gave him the okay. He said to Sharon: "Go ahead."
They did this by means of a virus, which is passed through physical contact.
Interviewer: Or through kisses.
"Umm Nasser": Yes, and he used to hug everybody.
Interviewer: I heard that former French president Chirac tried to get an antidote to treat Abu Ammar...
"Umm Nasser": They refused. Just like Hamas leader Khaled Mash'al - they did the same thing to him, and he almost died. King Hussein was holding an Israeli spy, and he said: "I will give you the spy if you send me the antidote for Khaled Mash'al."
Interviewer: But they refused...
"Umm Nasser": They brought him the antidote, and he is alive and well in Damascus.
Interviewer: But when it came to Yasser Arafat, they refused.
"Umm Nasser": That's right. They said: "We've already decided to finish him off." They besieged him.
Interviewer: But he was never sick - he never suffered from diabetes or blood pressure, did he?
"Umm Nasser": Never. The only thing he suffered from was a problem in his spine, because he used to fly a lot. There probably isn't a pilot anywhere in the world who flew as much as Abu Ammar.
The Palestinian people is the Jesus Christ of this world. It is being tormented.
Interviewer: It is the Jesus Christ of the world, but it is crucified forever.
"Umm Nasser": His brothers... Blood is not water. The day will come, and there will be another Abd Al-Nasser or Abu Ammar, who will believe in the Arab nation and in its solidarity. They will help the people and alleviate their suffering. It's painful, and it is because of the cancer spreading in our Arab nation - Israel. We need to uproot this cancer any way we can. When they find a cure for cancer, Allah will give us a cure to rid ourselves of the Israeli cancer.

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