dinsdag 2 juni 2009

Enquete: 64% Turken wil geen Joodse buren

Ik ben eigenlijk wel voorstander van toetreding van Turkije tot de EU - mits Turkije aan de voorwaarden voldoet, die voor iedere nieuwe lidstaat gelden, maar door een enquete als deze ga je wel weer even twijfelen....

Racism in Turkey - 64% do not want Jewish neighbors

A delightful finding from the Middle East's only (nominally) secular state with a Muslim majority. 64% don't want Jewish neighbors. Three out of four respondents would not like to live next to atheists or people who drink alcohol.  The margin of error for a survey of that size is about 2.5%, though AP writers don't seem to know that. Here's to the Democratic Secular State (I hope that's grape juice you're drinking, neighbor.)
By The Associated Press
A new study published in a Turkish newspaper Sunday said 64 percent of Turks would not want Jewish neighbors.
The study also suggested Turks had a low tolerance for diverse lifestyles in general, as three in four respondents said they would not want to live next to an atheist or anyone drinking alcohol.
The study by Istanbul's Bahcesehir University was meant to gauge radicalism and extremism in Turkey.
Results published in Sunday's Milliyet also stated that 52 percent would not want Christian neighbors, 67 would not want to live next to an unmarried couple and 43 percent would not want American neighbors.
The survey is based on interviews with 1,715 people selected randomly from 34 cities between April 12 and May 3. No margin of error was given.

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