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Mohammed Al Dura op Arabische postzegels

Ik heb geen idee hoevelen in Nederland zich nog de beelden herinneren van Mohammed Al-Dura, het Palestijnse jongetje dat aan het begin van de tweede intifada door Israelisch vuur zou zijn omgekomen.
In de Arabische wereld is het beeld iconografisch geworden als ware het een Palestijnse Anne Frank, en elk zichzelf respecterend Arabisch land heeft zijn beeltenis wel op een of meer postzegels gezet.
Sinds jaar en dag wordt betwijfeld of het jongetje wel door Israelische kogels werd getroffen, en of hij überhaupt wel omgekomen is, of dat het toch een Palestijnse hoax uit "Pallywood" is. Voor de Franse rechter zijn er jarenlang rechtszaken over gevoerd.
Onlangs verscheen een rapport van een Israelische onderzoekscommissie, waaruit blijkt dat de jongen inderdaad niet door Israelische soldaten werd getroffen en waarschijnlijk helemaal niet was omgekomen.
Na de kwestie Al-Dura volgden er nog vele mediaberichten waarin Israel ten onrechte van allerlei wreedheden werd beticht, en dat gaat door tot op de dag van vandaag.

Arab stamps commemorating the Al Dura hoax


Today, the Israeli government released a report saying that Mohamed Al Dura, the young boy who symbolized the second intifada for so many, was not killed by Israel and indeed was probably not killed at all.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received today the report of the Government Review Committee on "The France 2 Al-Durrah Report, its Consequences and Implications." The report was presented by the Minister of International Affairs, Strategy and Intelligence Yuval Steinitz, in the presence of Director General of the Ministry of International Affairs and Strategy, Yossi Kuperwasser.

Prime Minister Netanyahu directed then Minister of Strategic Affairs Yaalon to set up the governmental review committee in September 2012. The purpose of the committee was to examine the Al-Durrah affair in light of the continued damage it has caused to Israel, and to formulate the Government of Israel's position with regards to it.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "It is important to focus on this incident – which has slandered Israel's reputation. This is a manifestation of the ongoing, mendacious campaign to delegitimize Israel. There is only one way to counter lies, and that is through the truth. Only the truth can prevail over lies."

Minister of International Affairs, Strategy and Intelligence Yuval Steinitz: " The Al-Durrah affair is a modern-day blood libel against the State of Israel, alongside other blood libels like the claims of an alleged massacre in Jenin. The France 2 report was utterly baseless."

The Al-Durrah affair has its origins in a media report first aired by the French public television channel France 2 on September 30, 2000. The report claimed to show the killing of a Palestinian boy, targeted along with his father, according to the report, by fire from an Israeli position. The story was quickly relayed worldwide by the international media, which repeated the report's claim. The report had the immediate effect of harming Israel's international standing and fanning the flames of terror and hate.

Since that day, the narrative spawned by the France 2 report has served as an inspiration and justification for terrorism, anti-Semitism, and the delegitimization of Israel. The echoes of the Al-Durrah report, both in terms of accusations against Israel and in terms of media reports adopted uncritically by the international media which are later revealed to be false or misleading, have continued to resonate in the media coverage of Israel's operations against terrorist organizations.

This news is only 13 years too late. 

The incompetence of the extraordinarily late Israeli response to this modern blood libel would be laughable if it wasn't so dangerous. 

One appendix of the report shows stamps issued in Arab countries playing up the hoax as a means of inciting the world against Israel, from Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Morocco and Tunisia:







They missed Jordan's stamp series:




And Sudan's:

And Yemen's:

And Saudi Arabia's:

And a second stamp from Morocco:

At least nine Muslim countries - including "moderate" countries like Jordan and Morocco -  commemorated a death that was nothing more than a hoax, for the sole purpose of inciting hundreds of millions of Muslims and Arabs against the Jewish state.

If you want to see all the Al Dura evidence yourself, this website has tons of materials, including videos and maps showing the impossibility of Israeli fire hitting the boy.


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