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Zionisten uit Israel blijven Haiti helpen met projecten voor wederopbouw

Anja Meulenbelt mopperde vorige week op haar weblog dat de Israeli's Haiti alweer hadden verlaten, na hun PR te hebben binnengehaald. Het is natuurlijk per definitie nooit goed wat Israel doet, of niet doet, dus onderstaand bericht over de Israelische hulp die nog wel wordt gegeven zal haar goedkeuring (en die van andere antizionisten) ook niet weg kunnen dragen. Ja mevrouw Meulenbelt, Israel gaat door met het geven van hulp ook nadat de camera's weg zijn, zoals het ook al decennia medische hulp geeft aan duizenden Palestijnen per jaar en aan diverse derde wereldlanden. Zonder camera's. Overigens vertrok het Nederlandse team gelijktijdig met het Israelische, simpelweg omdat de hulp nu wordt overgenomen door de daarvoor opgerichte en toegeruste hulporganisaties, en de noodhulp diensten, reddingsteams en dergelijke per definitie slechts bedoeld zijn voor het geven van noodhulp gedurende een korte periode. Maar alleen Israel wordt daar natuurlijk weer op aangevallen.

The IDF rescure teams have dismantled their life saving field hospital and most IDF personnel have left Haiti after giving "first responder" emergency aid that won praise from US media and gratitude from Haitians. The teams that rescued people from wreckage are also gone, as well as the Zaka volunteers. They all did an impressive job. But the tragedy of the Haiti earthquake is not ended, and neither has the aid extended by Israelis. Gal Lousky's Israeli Flying Aid is there and they have set up a a Web log to tell the story of Israeli Flying Aid to Haiti. They are rebuilding orphanages, rescuing young girls from sexual exploitation, getting food to the hungry and trying to fill the urgent and seemingly endless needs of a displaced population. With the aid of Orange Israel Telecommunications, they are building an orphanage to house 70 children as an initial project.

Israeli Flying Aid (IFA) is a volunteer non-profit organization founded by Gal Lousky.
IFA specializes in transferring emergency, lifesaving aid to populations in disaster areas, and in particular nations in which the IFA presence is especially significant:

• Nations that have no diplomatic relations with Israel, and are hostile to Israel.

• Nations in which the government is hostile to its own citizens and refuses to allow entrance of foreign lifesaving aid after natural disasters but in effect uses the disaster as a weapon of mass annihilation in order to overturn opposition.

• "Complex regions" where UN Red Cross teams and NGOs are not allowed entry (e.g., Indian Kashmir following the earthquake, Russian-occupied Georgia, etc.)

IFA has aided disaster victims in India, Sri Lanka, the Georgian Republic and elsewhere, including extending aid in the United States during Hurricane Katrina.

Israeli Flying Aid is on the spot in Haiti bringing vitally needed help. They need your donations to continue.

Donation information as provided to me:

For donations via wire, please use the following details:
Israel Flying Aid
Israel Discount Bank
Branch number: 199
Account number: 57797
Swift code: IDBLILIT

or via check to:
317 Madison Avenue, Suite 607, New York, NY 10017
The covering letter of the check should have this information:

Enclosed is my contribution of $ ____________________________ with recommendation to your trustees that it be used for:

Organization: Israel Flying Aid, 48 Ben Zion Galis, Sgula Petach Tikva, ISRAEL 49277

Name (contributor):_____________________________________ (please print)


Minimum contribution accepted is $ 25.00.

Gifts are tax deductible only if made payable to P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. (IRS No. 13-6104086)

Ami Isseroff

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