maandag 29 december 2008

Israelische luchtaanval op wapencentrum Hamas

Dit zijn het soort doelen dat Israel bombardeert, met gerichte acties, waar vaak maandenlange verzameling van inlichtingen aan vooraf is gegaan.

IDF Spokesperson
Dec 29th, 2008

Aerial Strike on Weapon Research and Development Center

The Israeli Air Force attacked a number of Hamas targets during the night, including Hamas outposts, weapon manufacturing facilities and a center for weapon research and development.

The center, located in the Rimel neighborhood of Gaza City, was targeted in a combined IDF and the ISA operation, the IAF struck buildings that were used as meeting places for senior leaders of Hamas.

One of the structures struck housed explosives laboratories that were an inseparable part of Hamas' research and development program, as well as places that served as storage facilities for the organization. The development of these weapons took place under the auspices of senior lecturers who are activists in Hamas.

Among the weapons that have been developed and manufactured at this site are Qassam rockets. Hamas has been working tirelessly to extend the range of the rockets, as has been shown during the past few days.

In February 2007 the Fattah Presidential Guard raided the facility and uncovered many weapons including approximately 100 Qassam rockets, 250 RPG launchers, hundreds of assault rifles, lathes, and materials used for rocket manufacturing.

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