zaterdag 19 januari 2013

Verkiezingspeiling Israel: Likud-Beiteinu op 32 Knesset zetels


Dit is de laatste officiële peiling voor de verkiezingen, en het verschil tussen links en rechts lijkt hierin af te nemen. De kans op een rechtse coalitie onder leiding van Netanyahu blijft het meest aannemelijk, maar het is opvallend dat de NOS en andere media het alleen maar over rechts hebben terwijl Labor, Yesh Atid en Hatnua ook niet slecht scoren. Zelfs het behoorlijk linkse Meretz wint twee zetels vergeleken met nu.  





Poll: Likud-Beiteinu down to 32 Knesset seats,7340,L-4334160,00.html

Final poll ahead of elections signal that gap between left-center bloc, rightist parties is shrinking; 15% of voters still undecided

Yuval Karni


01.18.13, 12:38 / Israel News

As politicians across the board made last ditch campaign efforts ahead of the national elections, a final poll released Friday indicated that the gap between the right- and left- wing blocs has shrunk further.


According the poll, the Likud-Beiteinu, Habayit Hayehudi and Otzma LeYisrael are slated to get a total of 46 Knesset seats – a number identical to the number of mandates that are to be amassed by the Labor, Yesh Atid, Hatnua, Meretz and Kadima parties, which make up the center-left.


If joined by the ultra-Orthodox parties, a right-wing coalition would hold as many as 63 Knesset seats, and would be counterbalanced by a 57-mandate opposition that includes the center-left and the Arab parties.


The poll, which was commissioned by Yedioth Ahronoth and conducted by the Dahaf Institute, found that the joint Likud-Yisrael Beiteinu list continues to drop in popularity; it is expected to garner 32 mandates, one less than predicted by the preceding poll.


Labor is also down one mandate according to the poll, and is expected to receive 17 Knesset seats. Yesh Atid, meanwhile, is up two seats, and is expected to get 13 in the elections. Habayit Hayehudi was down two mandates, meaning it was to receive 12.


Next on the list are Shas, with 11 seats, Hatnua, with eight seats and Meretz with six seats. United Torah Judaism was slated to receive six mandates, while the Arab parties would get 11 – four for the United Arab List-Ta'al, four for Hadash and three for Balad.


Kadima and Otzma Leyisrael are on the bottom of the list with two mandates each.


Even though the elections are less than four days away, 15.3% of the survey participants who intend to vote said they are still undecided. These voters, if they indeed choose exercise their democratic right, could significantly impact the election results.


The past 11 weeks saw the Likud-Beiteinu dropping in the polls while Habayit Hayehudi, headed by Naftali Bennett, soared from five to 12 potential Knesset mandates.


The survey, which was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday, polled a 1,000-strong sample representative of Israel's adult population.


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