vrijdag 24 oktober 2014

Fatah prijst aanslag met auto die baby doodde in Jeruzalem


Fatah presenteert de aanslag in Jeruzalem waarbij 9 mensen gewond raakten en een baby werd gedood, als een ongeluk. Tegelijkertijd prijst men de aanslag en de ‘martelaar’ die hem uitvoerde echter op internet. Ook prijzen Palestijnen de aanslag daar unaniem en wordt opgeroepen tot meer van zulke aanslagen met auto’s.




Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party praises murder of baby


While most Fatah-oriented media is calling yesterday's Jerusalem terror attack an accident, Fatah's official Facebook page is praising the terrorist.

It published this "martyr" poster:


The caption, according to NRG, says "The martyr hero Abd al-Rahman al-Shaloudi performs a sacred act of running over the settlers in occupied Jerusalem."

Fatah is led by Mahmoud Abbas, who is treated like an honored statesman by nearly every nation on Earth.



Palestinians praise baby murderer, encourage more car attacks


Palestinians have been praising yesterday's murder of three-month old Chayah Zissel-Bron.

The new theme among Arab media (from as far away as Saudi Arabia) is that the murderer Abdel Rahman Al-Shaludi was acting out of revenge for the incident last Sunday where a Jew accidentally hit and killed a five year old Palestinian girl, an act that has been widely reported in Arab media as a premeditated murder. 

Here is a "martyr poster" for the murderer that includes a photo of the accident victim:


Another poster reproduced by the Shehab News Agency encourages more Palestinians to use their cars as weapons:


This image received some 5000 Facebook "Likes" in a few hours.

The hundreds of comments for both these posters have been unanimously supportive of the murder and the murderer.

The official Palestinian Authority news agency, for its part, is calling the murder a mere traffic accident and is denouncing the shooting of Al Shaludi.


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