maandag 25 augustus 2014

IDF vernietigt flatgebouw met Hamas commandocentrum (video)

Op het nieuws werd gesuggereerd dat er alleen of met name burgers in het gebouw waren, en Israel zomaar even 40 gezinnen dakloos heeft gemaakt. Volgens Israel waren er echter alleen strijders in het gebouw aanwezig. Daarbij was er ook nog kort tevoren gewaarschuwd via een 'knock on the roof’.

From JPost:
The Israel Air Force struck a 13-story building in Gaza City on Saturday evening that housed an enormous Hamas command center, IDF sources said, adding that only combatants were inside at the time.

Gazan health officials said 17 people were wounded in the attack. Reuters cited local residents as saying that the building housed 44 families.



ABC News, even after showing this video, evidently has faith that the IDF has the ability to only destroy specific floors of the building while keeping the rest of the building untouched:
Israeli military officials said the two missiles were targeting a Hamas operations room in the building, but did not explain why all 44 apartments were destroyed.
Has that level of care been demanded of any other country in the history of warfare?

(h/t Bob Knot)

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