zondag 23 januari 2011

Zionistische complotten: een actueel overzicht

Je kunt het zo gek niet bedenken of er zijn wel mensen die beweren dat er een Joods/Zionistisch/Israelisch complot achter zit. Tegenwoordig zijn de complotten erg in bij Arabieren en bij het minder nadenkende deel van links in het Westen. Bij het minder nadenkende deel van rechts waren ze altijd al populair.
Rabbi Altmann and his secretary were sitting in a coffeehouse in Berlin in 1935. "Herr Altmann," said his secretary, "I notice you're reading Der Stürmer! I can't understand why. A Nazi libel sheet! Are you some kind of masochist, or, God forbid, a self-hating Jew?"
"On the contrary, Frau Epstein. When I used to read the Jewish papers, all I learned about were pogroms, riots in Palestine, and assimilation in America. But now that I read
Der Stürmer
, I see so much more: that the Jews control all the banks, that we dominate in the arts, and that we're on the verge of taking over the entire world. You know – it makes me feel a whole lot better!"


Zionist plots of the past month (updated)

Here is a list of Zionist plots mentioned in the media within the past month.

Probably not a complete list...

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon
...and the Hariri assassination
Vulture spies in Saudi Arabia
Harry Potter
Referendum on independence for southern Sudan
...and using the Nile River to blackmail nations into doing its bidding
Israeli doctors treating eye diseases in the Maldives
Anti-hijab law in Azerbaijan
Alexandria Coptic church blast
The proposed Islamic center in Manhattan
Everything happening in Iraq
The supposed death of a former Iranian general in Israeli prison
Control of UK politics
Fierce, orchestrated attacks on Goldstone
The film "V"
The Holocaust
The Tea Party movement
People in Egypt putting themselves on fire (h/t Folderol)

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