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Elvis Costello: What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?

De klap van Elvis Costello's afzegging kwam extra hard aan bij zijn Israelische fans omdat de concertkaartjes al gekocht waren; je zou haast opzet vermoeden.
Een fan ben ik niet, maar sommige vroege platen van Costello vond ik wel prachtig. Naar eigen zeggen kwam hij tot zijn besluit om toch niet in Israel op te treden na een gesprek met enkele Israelische journalisten. - Van je landgenoten moet je het maar hebben...
Hij liet doorschemeren eigenlijk weinig van het conflict af te weten en vooral op zijn instinct af te zijn gegaan.
Enkele boycot-fanaten, schijnbaar Britse professoren, haakten op het nieuws in door ook - wederom - een oproep aan Elton John te doen om zich bij de boycot van de Joodse staat aan te sluiten. Die oproep was zo wansmakelijk, dat ik er hier enkel met schroom uit citeer:
"Does it mean you think the dirty business of Israeli colonialism and ethnic cleansing has nothing to do with you? That you can play for the officers and conscripts and secret service people who will make up much of your audience in Tel Aviv without giving them the stamp of your approval? You will offer them a few hours' respite from administering beatings and torture and land-theft and house-demolition and sieges and destroying wells and denying sick people access to hospital - and the simple fact of your presence will tell them that all this cruel business, which they conduct daily, is okay with you."
Ik zou haast wensen dat zij ook Elvis Costello zo'n oproep hadden gestuurd: de haat en leugens druipen er zo vanaf, dat Elvis volgens mij - zijn instinct volgend - juist wel naar Israel zou zijn gegaan...
Monday, May 24, 2010
I've been a fan of Elvis Costello since 1979. I first saw him in 1981, and I had the privilege of being about 15 feet from the stage at this show .

So it was with sadness that I read about Elvis' decision to cancel a scheduled show in Israel. Other artists, most notably Paul McCartney, Leonard Cohen and Madonna have refused to bow to the anti-Israel boycott movement. Perhaps those artists recognized that those who created the so-called BDS movement didn't do so to help bring about peace between a Jewish state of Israel and an Arab state of Palestine, but rather to call for a replacement of the Jewish state of Israel by a 23rd Arab state.

Now Elvis has the chance to actually see the country and the facts on the ground for himself, rather than relying on the fatally biased coverage of Israel by the BBC and the Guardian. StandWithUs has announced its offer to host Elvis on a tour of Israel when his wife, the jazz musician Diana Krall, plays there in August. Elvis had claimed that his decision was not a political statement, but a matter of "instinct and conscience." Perhaps after making his own observations, he will be able to make a more informed decision.

Many years ago, Elvis sang Nick Lowe's lyrics "What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?" Go to Israel, Elvis. Talk to Israelis who just want peace with their neighbors. Find out why they love their country. And gain some understanding for yourself.

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