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Ami Isseroff: de Amerikaans-Joodse gemeenschap en Israel

In de VS is een heftige discussie aan de gang over de relatie van de Joodse gemeenschap met Israel. Hieronder geeft Ami Isseroff, die in de VS is opgegroeid, zijn visie. Waar komt alle controverse vandaan en wanneer is het begonnen? En waarom wordt Israels legitimiteit nu, ook in de VS, zo veelvuldig ter discussie gesteld? Hoe 'spontaan' zijn alle protesten tegen 'Israelische Apartheid', 'disproportioneel geweld', 'oorlogsmisdaden' etc.?
What is really happening? For the thirty three years prior to the outbreak of violence in 2000, American Jews were largely complacent about Israel. It was just another place, doing fairly well. Even the infamous U.N. Zionism is Racism resolution had been repealed. The old pre-1967 world where Israel's existence was endangered was gone. Everyone could believe that Israel was here to stay and no special advocacy or support was required from the American Jewish community. The Palestinian suicide bombers of 2000 were accompanied by a planned diplomatic and ideological assault on Israeli legitimacy and on Zionism. 
A part of this assault specifically targeted liberal American Jews. Hisham Sharabi, a Palestinian activist, made this self-fulfilling "prophecy" in 1998:

Popular resistance, which is likely to bring back the intifada, will simultaneously lead to building alliances and grassroots organizations.... If this succeeds by the turn of the century, this new post-patriarchal liberation struggle will regain the human face of the first intifada and win the support of progressive forces the world over, including the support of progressive Jewish forces in Israel and the United States.

The "grass roots" effort was indeed orchestrated and organized carefully. An organization called "Al-Awda," (the Return) appeared on cue and began preaching that giving up the Right of Return of Palestinian refugees was treason. The ISM and PSM groups were set up to coordinate the efforts to delegitimize Israel and crank out justifications of Palestinian terror and sabotage of the peace process for the faithful. The Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews for Justice in Palestine in Britain and numerous other non-Jewish organizations, both "progressive" and frankly anti-Semitic, joined forces. The Durban conference on Racism held in 2001 was a grand kick-off for this well-organized "spontaneous" grass roots effort. "Zionism is Racism" and "Apartheid Israel" Web sites, pamphlets, articles, books, demonstrations and university weeks sprung up seemingly from nowhere, like poisonous mushrooms after a rain. The "resistance" movements did their part, sending suicide bombers to murder Israelis and forcing a security crackdown, which could then be used to fuel more self-righteous propaganda about Israeli war crimes and the oppressive occupation.

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