vrijdag 16 januari 2009

Zes gewonden door Grad raketten in Beersheba

Er is nauwelijks aandacht voor de voortgaande raketbeschietingen door Hamas, ook tijdens de dagelijkse gevechtspauze, en op het RTL nieuws werd zelfs gezegd dat er vandaag alleen schade aan gebouwen was door de raketten.

Six wounded as Grads hit Beersheba

Jan. 15, 2009


A 7-year-old boy and a woman were seriously wounded and four others sustained lighter injuries in Beersheba Thursday afternoon when two Grad rockets fired by Gaza terrorists hit the city. One of the rockets scored a direct hit on a car.

Two people were moderately wounded and two were lightly hurt in the attack, and several people were treated for shock.

The army said that an IAF aircraft hit the rocket launcher that had fired on Beersheba.

Even as an Egyptian cease-fire initiative was being discussed in Cairo, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired at least 25 rockets at southern Israel on Thursday.

Earlier, a Kassam rocket landed near Ofakim, causing no casualties or damage.

In a morning volley, a Grad-type rocket also landed in the Gedera region, causing neither casualties nor damage.

Hours earlier, a Kassam rocket hit a house in Sderot, causing extensive damage to the structure and to cars parked nearby. Another rocket landed near an educational institution in the city. No casualties were reported in the attacks.

Rocket warning sirens sounded in the city seconds before impact. Sirens also sounded in Beersheba, though there were no reports of rockets landing in the city.

On Wednesday, at least 15 rockets were fired at Israel.


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