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Waarom Israel in Gaza vecht

De kritiek op Israels operatie in Gaza neemt toe, en alom vinden weldenkende mensen dat Israel disproportioneel handelt en de vrede verder weg dan ooit bombardeert. Antwoorden op een aantal aantijgingen.

The constant malicious spread of disinformation about Israel's Gaza operation must be countered by a simple statement of the facts. This is what I tell people who ask. I hope you find it useful. If you do use it, or parts of it, please credit the source.

Demand an immediate cease fire - Only Hamas can stop the fire, because Hamas started it. The current operation in Gaza began because Hamas declared they would not continue the cease fire, and Hamas fired rockets on Israel.. If Israel ceases fire, Hamas will not stop firing: Hamas continues to fire rockets during the humanitarian truce that IDF observes each afternoon between 13:00 and 16:00 hours.

Demand an end to war crimes and prosecute war criminals - Hamas cannot claim the privileges and immunities of statehood and yet commit war crimes with impunity Hamas has fired over 10,000 rockets and projectiles at Israeli towns with no provocation. They have terrorized nearly a million Israeli citizens, causing dozens of casualties during the reign of terror, killing women and children for no reason. Indiscriminate targeting of civilians is a war crime. Hamas are proud that they use their own civilians as human shields. Use of human shields is a war crime. Hamas have kidnapped an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit and hold him without granting the humanitarian privileges guaranteed by international conventions. That is a war crime. Hamas dress up their soldiers as hospital personnel and as Israeli soldiers, both forbidden by international conventions.

End the humanitarian crisis in Gaza - Hamas closed the Rafah crossing and dismissed the international monitors, making it impossible to bring aid into Gaza via Rafah. Hamas confiscated Israeli humanitarian shipments for their own purposes. Cement was taken to build underground bunkers and tunnels. Hamas steal the humanitarian aid that Israel sends for Gaza civilians. They use it for their own purposes or sell it to the Gazans.

Support peace and a two state solution - Hamas declare that Jihad is the only way, and that international conferences, proposals and negotiations are a waste of time. Hamas has repeatedly declared that it would never make peace with Israel. Pro-Hamas is anti-Peace.

Fight Racism and warmongering - Anti-Israel and anti-Semitic organizations have organized mass "peace" protests against Israel during the Gaza operation. The so-called progressive peace protesters carry posters with these messages "Nuke Israel" "I hate Juice" "We are all Hamas." Protesters shout chants such as "Hamas Hamas, Jews to the gas." Do not dignify these vicious racist mobs as peace protesters with a legitimate grievance.

General- Every Israeli regrets the loss of innocent life in Gaza, and the urgent necessity that forced us to take this step after rockets rained on Sderot and other towns for years.

Israel evacuated Gaza in 2005. There is no occupation in Gaza and Hamas is not fighting any Gaza occupation. Hamas took over Gaza by force in 2007, killing Fatah operatives and instituting an internal reign of terror. They chased the international monitors away from the Rafah crossing, forcing its closing. They fired on the Israeli controlled crossings as well as firing on Israeli towns, forcing periodic closing of the crossings for repair. Then, like the man who killed his parents and demanded mercy because he is an orphan, they proclaimed that Gaza is under siege. They kidnapped a soldier and asked for release of hundreds of terrorists as ransom.

During all this time, the international community said and did nothing. The UN, the United States, the EU did nothing to stop the rain of rocket fire in Israeli cities. In June of 2008, a truce was agreed between Hamas and Israel. Israel agreed to the truce to save lives and to stop the rain of rockets, knowing that Hamas would use the truce to expand its military capabilities. Israel refrained from responding to repeated violations of this truce.

In November of 2008 IDF discovered a tunnel that Hamas was digging into Israel, and destroyed it on November 4. This was an excuse for Hamas to step up rocket fire into Israel. On December 18, Hamas declared that it would not renew the truce unless Israel agreed to allow free flow of goods - including explosives and armaments - into Gaza. On December 24, Hamas rained about 60 projectiles on Israel. As was expected, the previous "lull," which did not include provisions for stopping the smuggling of arms, allowed Hamas to increase its military capability significantly. The small, home made Qassam rockets that fell on Sderot were replaced by Grad (Katyusha) rockets, regulation military ordinance used in war. These have a range of up to 45 KM and were used to bomb Beersheba, Ashdod and Yavne. (see Map of Hamas Rocket Range). Another truce with no provisions against smuggling will only serve to enhance Hamas capabilities.

No country subjected to a barrage of rockets such as Israel has suffered since 2005 would have acted with less force and resolve.

The high number of civilian casualties in Gaza is regrettable. It is due to Hamas operating deliberately from built up areas, using hospitals and mosques as headquarters and arms stores, forcing people to act as human shields. The low number of Israeli casualties is not due to Hamas humanitarianism. Hamas launched over 500 projectiles at Israel. Every one was potentially lethal. They destroyed automobiles and wrecked houses and classrooms. Many deaths were averted only because residents managed to find shelter. It is not the fault of Israel that we provide shelters and a warning system for our civilians and try to keep them away from military operations. Hamas can do the same.

Ami Isseroff

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