donderdag 15 januari 2009

Vier gewonden door brand in chemische fabriek Ashdod

Het zou mij niet verbazen als dit vuur niet helemaal toevallig zomaar is ontstaan. Wanneer raketten strategische doelen treffen maakt Israel dat niet bekend. Sowieso worden de exactle lokaties van raketinslagen niet bekend gemaakt zodat Hamas niet weet waar een raket precies is terechtgekomen. Ik heb gehoord dat er al een paar keer bijna een groot ongeluk is gebeurd naar aanleiding van raketinslagen in het industriële gebied van Ashkelon. Zo onschuldig zijn die 'kachelpijpen' zoals Israel haters als Anton van Hooff ze noemen dus niet.
Four people hurt as fire rages at Ashdod chemical plant
By Yanir Yagana, Haaretz Correspondent, and Haaretz Service

Four people sustained light to moderate injuries Wednesday evening after a fire broke out at an Agan chemical plant in Ashdod that houses flammable substances.
All four were taken to Kaplan hospital in Rehovot for treatment.

Employees of a nearby plant have been evacuated from the area, and rescue services personnel warned people living in the surrounding areas to stay indoors until further notice.

Entry and exit points to Ashdod, with the exception of those in the southern part of the city, have also been closed.

One eyewitness who works at a car-rental service told Channel 10 news, "I went downstairs to get a car and saw fire blazing and then an explosion, literally across the street. I ran away with the man who came to return the car. I saw something that looked like fireworks - an unpleasant sight."

Boaz Rakia, a firefighter who arrived at the scene, said the fire was exceptional both in its size and scope. He added that large numbers of firefighter crews are working to extinguish the blaze.

In August 2007, the Agan chemical plant in the Ramat Hovav industrial zone shut down one of its facilities in the wake of a chemical explosion at the plant that lightly injured nine people.

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