dinsdag 13 januari 2009

Wapens, Qassams en Katjusha raketten ontdekt in Gaza moskee

Dit is niet de eerste keer dat een moskee volgestouwd blijkt met wapens en raketten. De Gazanen die nu niet meer naar de moskee kunnen, moeten dus niet bij Israel zijn met hun kritiek maar bij hun eigen Hamas leiderschap. Dat die iets anders denkt over vrije meningstuiting en iets anders omgaat met kritiek is niet Israels schuld.

Last update - 17:25 12/01/2009       
IDF finds Hamas arms stockpile in raid on Gaza mosque
By Haaretz Service
The Israel Air Force on Monday bombed a mosque in southern Gaza City, on day 17 of its offensive against Hamas' infrastructure in the coastal territory.
Israeli ground forces who entered the premises following the attack found a mass stockpile of weapons, including Qassam and Katyusha rockets.
The Israel Defense Forces continued its offensive against the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip before dawn on Monday, attacking dozens of targets across the territory.
IDF ground forces - comprising infantry, tanks, combat engineers, artillery and intelligence -were assisted by aerial attacks during the overnight operations.
The IAF reported attacking 10 Hamas targets, including five armed operatives, four weapons storehouses, two smuggling tunnels dug under the house of militants, one tunnel dug under Gaza's border with Egypt and one rocket launching position.

Troops from the Golani Brigade reported a number of hits on armed gunmen during gunbattles in the northern Gaza Strip. The Givati Brigade, meanwhile, uncovered one mortar shell.
The Israel Navy accompanied the ground forces during the raids, attacking Hamas locales from the sea.
The Israel Defense Forces on Sunday began deploying reservist troops to the Gaza Strip, for the first time since Israel began its offensive on the Hamas-ruled coastal territory 17 days ago.
An IDF spokesman said that despite the deployment, thousands more reservists who would comprise a new, expanded phase in the ground operation were still in training and have not been sent to battle.
Meanwhile, IDF troops late Sunday continued to surround Gaza City while the Israel Air Force launched a fierce attack on some 20 smuggling networks in the southern Gaza Strip.
Palestinian medical officials said some 60 Palestinians died in Gaza on Sunday, including 17 who succumbed to their wounds from days earlier. The IDF said some 40 militants were either wounded or killed during the army's Sunday offensive.
The location of the ground fighting, on the southwest side of the Hamas-ruled territory's biggest population center, suggested Israel was intensifying a more than two-week-old offensive. Troops had previously kept to the outskirts of urban areas in Gaza.

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