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Vrees voor aanslagen op politici door extreem-rechts in Israel

Niet alleen Palestijns geweld, ook een aanslag door extreem rechts in Israel kan het vredesproces verstoren, zoals met de moord op Rabin is gebeurd. Het valt zeer te hopen dat een dergelijke aanslag niet nog eens plaats zal vinden.  

The Jerusalem Post
Nov 2, 2008 12:05 | Updated Nov 2, 2008 17:42
Diskin: Far-right may target politicians
Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) head Yuval Diskin said Sunday that he was "very concerned" that far-right elements may attempt to harm political leaders in order to thwart diplomatic progress.

Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting, Diskin warned: "As the anniversary of the Rabin assassination approaches, the Shin Bet has identified a willingness in the extreme right to use arms to stop diplomatic processes and harm political leaders."

At the meeting, which focused heavily on recent violence exhibited by settlers and right-wing activists in the West Bank, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Ehud Barak spoke harshly of the phenomenon.

"There is a significant group of people that has lost all restraint. This is intolerable," he said. "Most of the citizens in Judea and Samaria abide by the law, but there is a group that attacks policemen, soldiers and other officials. We do not intend to accept it, and we won't."

Olmert said he would set up a panel of ministers to tackle the issue.

Barak said at the meeting that there was a need to toughen law enforcement in the West Bank. He added that he would bring the recommendations of the security establishment on the issue before the government. These, he added, would include additional administrative decrees against far-right activists.

Last Sunday the Attorney-General's Office ordered a criminal investigation into calls by some extremist settlers to kill soldiers, in the aftermath of an IDF evacuation of a small unauthorized outpost tucked into a back corner of the West Bank town of Kiryat Arba.

"God damn the IDF forces. We wish they would be destroyed by their enemies, that all of them would be Gilad Schalit, that they would all be killed and slaughtered, because that's what they deserve," Kiryat Arba resident Shmuel Ben Yishai said.

Outraged by the comments, Olmert called then for the settlers who made such comments to be punished to the full severity of the law.

"Whoever speaks out against IDF soldiers belongs in jail and in judicial proceedings…we are sick of this verbal violence, which either leads to or affects other violent acts," he said.

Dan Izenberg contributed to this report.

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