zaterdag 8 november 2008

IDF aan grens beschoten vanuit Gazastrook

Het lijkt erop dat het staakt-het-vuren, wat de Palestijnen betreft althans, definitief ten einde is. Het komt waarschijnlijk pas op het nieuws na de volgende dodelijke Israelische operatie in reactie op de inmiddels meer dan 50 raketten die sinds dinsdag vanuit de Gazastrook op Israel zijn afgevuurd.
IDF force comes under anti-tank fire
IDF forces patrolling the border fence with Gaza came under anti-tank missile fire on Saturday evening, the army said. No soldiers were injured during the incident.
The IDF Spokesperson Unit said soldiers were on a routine patrol near the Karni Crossing, on the border with northern Gaza, when an anti-tank missile was fired in their general direction. The soldiers returned fire in the direction from which the missile was fired, but no casualties were identified on the Gazan side.

Earlier, on Saturday morning, Palestinian gunmen opened fire on IDF soldiers after the army discovered two explosive devices planted on the border with southern Gaza, near Khan Younis. Army sappers neutralized the explosives with a controlled explosion, before gunmen in Gaza fired at the troops. Soldiers returned fire, but did not identify casualties on the Palestinian side.

The IDF said soldiers were operating on the border area which fell under Israeli sovereignty.

Meanwhile, the IDF is checking into an incident in which a 25-year-old Thai worker was accidentally shot in the shoulder after being misidentified by soldiers near the Lebanese border on Saturday. The man was moderately wounded after soldiers mistook the man for a terrorist who had infiltrated Israeli territory from Lebanon, near Kibbutz Manara.

The IDF said shots were fired after solders' suspicions were aroused, adding that the soldiers had acted properly according to the army's rules of engagement. The worker reportedly had his face covered by a bandanna, and failed to identify himself despite requests to do so. He has been evacuated to Safed's Ziv Medical Center for treatment.

On Friday, nine Kassam rockets were fired at southern Israel from Gaza, a number of them landing in open territories within the Ashkelon Regional Council and in the vicinity of Sderot. Two people suffered shock and one woman was taken to Sderot's shock treatment center following the attacks. Islamic Jihad's al-Kuds Brigades claimed responsibility for all of the rockets.

The first barrage of five rockets slammed into the western Negev region early on Friday morning, with two landing near kibbutzim in the area. The rockets continued to land throughout the day and into the evening hours.

Since Tuesday, when IDF special forces launched a cross-border raid on a Hamas tunnel and engaged Hamas gunmen in a firefight, Palestinian terror groups have fired over 50 rockets at southern Israel.

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