vrijdag 7 november 2008

Met vrienden als rabbi Dov Lior...

Zowel ter linker- als ter rechterzijde vergelijken extremisten hun tegenstanders graag met de Nazi's.
Het is een slechte gewoonte en hij wordt dankbaar als excuus gebruikt door antizionisten buiten Israel: als Israeli's het zelf ook doen, hoe kun je dan iets van ons zeggen? Het is natuurlijk niet hetzelfde wanneer de nakomelingen van de slachtoffers of van de daders zoiets zeggen, en het is bovendien nogal inconsequent om Israel van de verschrikkelijkste misdaden te beschuldigen en tegelijkertijd 'haar' gedrag als rechtvaardiging voor eigen gedrag te gebruiken.

With friends like these…
We should all be outraged by settler rabbi who compared IDF troops to Nazis
Published: 11.05.08, 18:32
There is no doubt that with "friends" like Rabbi Dov Lior, the Jewish people in general, and the State of Israel in particular, do not need any haters. Because even the greatest Israel hater would not be able to uses a harsher term than the one used by the rabbi – who embarrasses the entire rabbinical establishment by comparing IDF soldiers to the Nazis.

Again it turned out that some Jews have no boundaries when it comes to their struggle against the rule of law in the country – in both actions and words. This is not about having a different worldview. Regardless of positions or arguments one way or another, some boundaries must never be crossed. Certainly not by Jews, irrespective of whether they are rabbis or common folk.

We should, again, be outraged by the ease with which people around here resort to all sorts of comparisons, not only in respect to Nazi rule, but also the Holocaust in general. How many times have we heard politicians and even men of letters use the word "Shoah" in order to describe what they view as the failed handling of some issue or another – in the economic, social, or educational realm? As if a stock market crash or some kind of ecological failure are "the same" as the Holocaust that befell European Jewry.

I already warned against the daily usage of this term, which symbolizes the brutal extermination of six million Jews – including women, the elderly, men, and children – by the "fuehrer's" thugs.

And now, we see a rabbi in Israel who dares to compare IDF soldiers to those immoral, inhumane murderers. The worst part is that this rabbi is apparently convinced that his horrific words are true, while taking pride in the "ultimate victory" expected for him and his supporters.

What does 'ultimate victory' mean?
This rabbi passes on the venom to the younger generations when he explains to them that his feeling back when Nazi soldiers burst into his home with the intention of transferring Jews to the gas chambers is the same as what he feels today when IDF troops are sent to evacuate an unauthorized outpost.

I would not be surprised if in the future Rabbi Lior claims that authorities are planning to build concentration camps for those who resist the evacuation of outposts.

And by the way, what "ultimate victory" exactly does Rabbi Lior refer to? Victory over Israeli democracy? Victory over the rule of law? Victory over IDF soldiers?

The main problem is that this irresponsible person, while preaching to young people and children and comparing the Nazis to IDF troops, fails to understand how dangerous his words are for all of us, and to what extent they can be used as ammunition by the many Israel haters and Holocaust deniers. As I said, with friends like these…

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