woensdag 5 november 2008

Obama op Palestijnse koffiemokken

Een winkel etalage in Ramallah toont mokken van Barack Obama broederlijk op die van Yasser Arafat. Sommige Palestijnen hebben hoge verwachtingen van de - zeer waarschijnlijke - nieuwe president van de VS...

Filastin: Al Rais al Jadida? (Palestine: the New President)


From Maan News -  a shop window in Ramallah shows a mug with a picture of Barack Obama above and next to mugs with pictures of former "Rais" Yasser Arafat.
If one picture is worth a thousand words, how many words are all these pictures worth? Earlier, Maan had announced that Barack Obama had promised East Jerusalem to the Palestinians. This rumor was quickly denied.
The text is in English about drinking coffee and evidently harmless commercialization intended perhaps for tourists, but the picture certainly illustrates the hopes that Palestinian Arabs have for the (probable) soon to be President of the US.
The text says something about the flavor of the U.S. presidential elections. Palestinian coffee is generally much better than that. If it has the flavor of the U.S. presidential elections, a lot of Palestinians will need emergency transport to Hadassah hospital to get their stomachs pumped in a rela hurry.
Barack Mubarack.
Ami Isseroff  

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