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Winograd rapport over 2de Libanon Oorlog komt 30 jan. uit

Anderhalf jaar na de Tweede Libanon Oorlog komt dan binnenkort eindelijk het definitieve Winograd rapport uit. Naar aanleiding van een voorlopig rapport van april vorig jaar zijn de chef staf van het leger en verschillende anderen uit leger- en veiligheidstop opgestapt. Hoewel de commissie Winograd niet de bevoegdheid heeft om mensen te ontslaan, zal een negatief rapport de druk op Olmert om af te treden doen toenemen. Hij heeft al gezegd daar hoe dan ook geen gehoor aan te willen geven.
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Lebanon war probe to be released on January 30
By Yuval Azoulay, Haaretz Correspondent
The Winograd Commission probing the conduct of the Second Lebanon War announced on Sunday that it would present its final conclusions on Wednesday, January 30.

The panel also said it would send the findings to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert prior to a final release to the public.

The committee, chaired by retired Justice Eliyahu Winograd, was formed to investigate the conduct of the Israel Defense Forces and the political echelon during the Second Lebanon War.
A preliminary report was issued by the committee in April and contained harsh criticism of Olmert, former defense minister Amir Peretz and former IDF chief of staff Dan Halutz.

It also outlined a series of failures on the part of the Home Front Command.

The commission does not have formal authority to fire anyone, but a damaging report could put pressure on Olmert and others to step down.

The report will cap a 17-month investigation into the war, which broke out July 12, 2006 when Hezbollah guerrillas killed three soldiers and captured two others in a cross-border raid.

In 34 days of fighting, Israel failed to secure the return of the captured soldiers or to prevent Hezbollah guerrillas from firing nearly 4,000 rockets into Israel.

Soldiers returning from the battle front complained of poor preparations, conflicting orders and shortages of food and supplies.

Between 1,035 and 1,191 Lebanese civilians and combatants were killed in the fighting, as were 119 Israeli soldiers and 40 civilians, according to official figures from the two sides.

Olmert managed to fend off calls for his resignation immediately after the war and after the release of the interim report. His critics have become more muted in recent months as Olmert steps up peace efforts with the Palestinians.

A week and a half ago, Olmert stated that he did not intend to resign regardless of what the committee's findings entail. He added that he would respond to the report's findings during the appropriate time and place.

In response to Olmert's statements, Moshe Muscal of the Forum of Bereaved Families said that if the prime minister, "does not resign after the release of the report, we, the bereaved families must force him to do so. We will mount a struggle to force him from office and bring elections."

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