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Terroristische aanslag verijdeld in Israel

Checkpoints zijn volgens sommigen alleen bedoeld om Palestijnen te treiteren, maar af en toe worden er ook per ongeluk terroristen gepakt.

Palestinian nabbed with 11 explosive devices,7340,L-4172728,00.html

Palestinian detained in possession of improvised gun, commando knife and ammunition. Man, three others suspected of aiding him, taken in for questioning

Yoav Zitun


01.08.12, 13:52


A Palestinian was arrested by Military Police and Border Guard officers Sunday morning at the entrance to a checkpoint in the Jenin area in possession of an improvised gun, a commando knife and 11 explosive devices of different sizes.


Three other men suspected of aiding him were also detained. According to suspicions, the four were on their way to carry out a terror attack. The checkpoint has been closed.


 After being arrested at the entrance to the Salem crossing in the Jenin area, the suspects were taken in for questioning by the security forces. The explosive devices they were carrying were destroyed.


The devices were found in the Salem crossing, where Palestinians wait in line for the Jenin Military Court, located nearby. It's unclear whether the court was the target of the attack.


A Military Police soldier spotted the four Palestinians trying to enter the checkpoint and wires sticking out of the clothes of one of them. He ordered him to lift up his hands and undress and found three pipe bombs on his body.


A search of the Palestinian's bag revealed eight more pipe bombs, a knife and an improvised gun. The four Palestinians were locked in the building and police sappers were dispatched to the area.


The other three Palestinians were not carrying anything on their body, but were questioned on suspicion of aiding the man caught with the explosives.


A senior officer explained that this was an unusual incident. "Eleven devices is an exceptional amount in one time. We've had incidents this year of three or four devices seized at the same time."


Last week, a Border Guard force arrested a Jenin resident on suspicion of planning a stabbing attack in Beersheba. The man was located in a hideout in the southern city and taken in for questioning by the Shin Bet, as was another Palestinian arrested at the Shoket Junction.


Yair Altman contributed to this report


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