dinsdag 12 juli 2011

IDF schiet niet altijd op Palestijnse kinderen


Pas op! Positief nieuws over Israel! En dat nog wel van de website van het IDF. Dus het kan niet waar zijn. Snel verder klikken dus maar, naar Mondoweiss ofzo waar antisemieten als Raed Salah worden verdedigd. 





Hadassah Hospital and the IDF: How REAL humanitarians act, part 2



From the IDF:

Last month, a group of Palestinian children from the West Bank along with their parents traveled to the Jerusalem Zoo for a day. Their trip was organized by the Civil Administration and Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Many of the children had previously underwent open heart surgery at Hadassah, a procedure which was paid for by the hospital itself and the A Heart for Peace organization. The trip was designed to provide relaxation, learning, enjoyment and a positive experience for the children who cope with health difficulties.

Ms. Dalia Bassa, the Health and Welfare Coordinator for the Civil Administration, played an instrumental role coordinating the children’s treatment at Hadassah and during their leisure trip to Jerusalem.

The Civil Administration, a unit under the IDF and the Israeli Ministry of Defense, is responsible for administering and coordinating civilian needs in the West Bank, and is comprised of various staff offices working alongside the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian population, IDF and Israeli authorities, as well as with international organizations and NGOs to fulfill these needs.


I would love to see a philanthropist offer a 200% match for any donations to Hadassah Hospital - earmarked for programs like this - that are paid by any of the "humanitarians" on Israel's no-fly list.



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