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Opiniepeiling Israel: Likud-Beiteinu 38, Labor 16, Bayit Yehudi 13, maar 25% kiezers nog onbeslist


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Maagar Poll: Likud Beiteinu 38 Labor 16 Bayit Yehudi 13


Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA 11 January 2013


The survey was conducted by Maagar - Interdisciplinary Research and Consulting Institute Ltd., managed by Professor Yitzhak Katz.  It was commissioned by Maariv and Makor Rishon and published on 11 January.


Telephone survey of representative sample of 506 adult Israelis (including Arabs).  The survey was carried out 8-9 January 2013.


Do you know who you will vote for in the coming elections?

Yes 67%

No 25%

Refuse reply/not voting 8%


Asked the 25% who haven't decided how they will vote:


What is the main reason you haven't decided?

25% No one to vote for

23% Politics doesn't interest me

17% No value to voting

08% Will decide at the last minute

07% No difference between parties

05% Not familiar with the party platforms

15% Other replies


Party "leaning towards voting for" of the undecided:

09% Likud Beiteinu

11% Labor

07% Livni party (Hatnua)

02% Shas

13% Lapid "Atid" Party

06% Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home/NRP & National Union)

02% Meretz

09% Am Shalem headed by Rabbi Haim Amsalem

08% Koach Lehashpia

33% Refuse reply


If elections held today (expressed in Knesset seats) Current Knesset seats in [brackets].

Please note:  There are 120 seats in the Knesset.  Parties must receive a minimum of 2% of the valid votes cast in the elections to be included in the Knesset - this comes to 2.4 seats.  After elections are held the coalition forming a government must receive 61 votes in a vote of confidence in the Knesset.

38 [42] Likud Beiteinu

16 [13] Labor

13 [07] Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home/NRP & National Union)

12 [11] Shas

08 [---] Lapid "Atid" Party

07 [---] Livni party (Hatnua)

06 [05] Yahadut Hatorah

05 [03] Meretz

03 [28] Kadima

01 [---] Am Shalem headed by Rabbi Haim Amsalem - 1 seat is below the 2% threshold

01 [---] Otzma Leyisrael (Eldad and Ben Ari)

10 [11] Arab parties



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