donderdag 10 januari 2013

Live-Blogging Jeruzalem in de sneeuw


Meer beelden van Jeruzalem in de sneeuw op Ynet

De witte plaatjes doen erg on-Israelisch aan, maar dat maakt het niet minder romantisch. 


Vanwege de sneeuw is een symposium in Jeruzalem vanavond over de delegitimering van Israel geannuleerd, en waarschijnlijk ook tal van andere bijeenkomsten.   




Live-Blogging Jerusalem Snow

Judge Dan | Jan 09, 2013 | 11 comments

After 3 days of strong winds and torrental rains, the winter storm engulfing the Middle Eastis about to reach it’s climax. With snow already covering the better part of northern Israel, it’s just a matter of time untill it reaches Jerusalem, where yours trully resides.

I’ll be live-blogging the #shelegeddon in Jerusalem here, and on Twitter.

The current weather forecast is that later on today, heavier snow will start, and fall through the night until Thursday morning.


Thursday, 6:15: Shelegeddon is here! it’s snowing non-stop for at least 3 hours now, and every thing is covered by a few inches. Schools are cancelled, public transportation is shut down, and even the roads to Jerusalem are blocked for the time being.

00:00: Jerusalem is covered in a white blanket, and though conditions are perfect for snow, there’s just not enough moisture bearing clouds. A decision about opening schools or not will be given by 6 a.m. so there’s something to look forward to.

Until then, Good night.

23:45: Mayhem! It’s cold, really cold, and roads are icing over. Winter driving skills are not something we teach in Israel. There are cars spinning tyres, vans not able to drive off a slop-ish intersection, and ambulance sirens going off all the time.

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