woensdag 21 november 2012

Meer dan 400 Palestijnen omgekomen in conflict


Lees onderstaande artikelen eens rustig door en laat de inhoud tot je doordringen. Juist ja, Syrië, dat dagelijks tientallen burgers doodt, martelt en bewust bommen op appartementen en scholen gooit, veroordeelt Israel dat reageert op de duizenden raketten die de afgelopen jaren op Israel werden afgevuurd vanuit de Gazastrook. Iedere vergelijking gaat mank, omdat Syrië de eigen bevolking uitmoordt terwijl Israel tegen een vijandig regime, namelijk Hamas, strijdt, maar de Syrische veroordelingen zijn hoe dan ook een beetje out of place. Ondertussen heeft Syrië zelf ook honderden Palestijnse vluchtelingen gedood, zonder dat ik daar veel verontwaardigde reacties op heb vernomen uit het pro-Palestina kamp.  




Syria condemns Israel over Gaza airstrikes


Syria condemned the Israeli air raids night on Gaza on Tuesday, which killed 25 Palestinians, and called upon the international community to undertake urgent steps to put an end to these activities", said a Foreign Ministry statement.


"Syria strongly condemns the continued Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, and extends its support to the Gaza population," the statement said. (AFP).



PLO: Over 400 Palestinians killed in Syria conflict



09/20/2012 19:47

Head of the PLO's refugee department claims victims were killed in the Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus.


More than 400 Palestinians have been killed since the beginning of the fighting between the Syrian army and anti-government forces, Zakariya al-Agha, a senior PLO official, announced Thursday.

The announcement came as Palestinian refugees who fled from Syria to Jordan complained that the Palestinian Authority was doing nothing to assist them. 

Nearly 500,000 Palestinians live in a number of refugee camps in Syria.

Agha, who heads the PLO's refugee department, said that since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, the Palestinian leadership's policy has been not to support any of the rival parties.

"The refugees in Syria are there as guests until they return to the homeland from which they were forced out," Agha told the PA's Voice of Palestine radio station. He said that because the Palestinian refugees camps in Syria have not been involved in the conflict, many Syrian civilians found shelter with Palestinian families.

Agha accused radical Palestinian groups that are affiliated with the Syrian regime of seeking to involve the Palestinian camps in the conflict.

Although he did not name the Palestinian groups, PA leaders have accused Ahmed Jibril's Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command of dragging the Palestinians into the fighting in Syria. Jibril's group has long been supportive of the Syrian regime and its members are said to be fighting alongside the Syrian army.

Agha said that all 400 Palestinian victims were killed in the Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus.

Human rights activists in Syria said that that 18 Palestinians were killed on Wednesday when the Syrian army used artillery to attack Yarmouk. The activists said that four women and three children were among the victims.

Meanwhile, representatives of Palestinian refugees who fled from Syria to Jordan complained that the PA was not doing anything to ease their suffering. In a letter to the PA leadership, the refugees said that the PA Embassy in Amman was refusing to extend any type of assistance to them. They also said they have been forced to seek help from international aid organizations and the Jordanian authorities in light of the PA's failure to help them.


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