zaterdag 24 november 2012

De overwinning van Hamas


Hamas heeft met het recente conflict niets substantieels gewonnen volgens onderstaande opsomming, maar met de openlijke steunbetuiging en het bezoek van de Egyptische president Morsi lijken ze wel minder geïsoleerd te staan dan eerst, en ze hebben gedemonstreerd over raketten te beschikken die Jeruzalem en Tel Aviv kunnen bereiken. In Palestijnse ogen heeft Hamas dan ook aan prestige gewonnen, vooral ten koste van Abbas en de PA. Verdere winst is dat wederom vooral Israel scheef wordt aangekeken door de internationale publieke opinie.


Onduidelijk is nog in hoeverre de grenzen rond de Gazastrook verder open zullen gaan. Daarover wordt nog onderhandeld, maar Egypte schijnt wel toezeggingen te hebben gedaan over een soepeler grensbeleid bij Rafah.






Hamas' "victory" (Zvi)


From occasional EoZ contributor Zvi:

So let me get this straight. They're saying, "we won because we picked a fight with Israel and Israel has better things to do than flatten Gaza."

That's a victory? 

The terrorists and their sympathizers:

* lost a large percentage of their most advanced and long-range weapons
* lost experienced senior terrorist commanders from Hamas and PIJ
* did no damage at all to Israel's ability to fight a war
* only squeaked a small percentage of rockets past Iron Dome
* only received "moral support" from Islamists, Arab regimes, communist hold-overs and the Russians, who mostly did it because they are trying desperately to distract attention away from Syria.
* failed even to stop Israeli shipments of food and fuel into Gaza through Kerem Shalom
* exposed their use of hospitals and press facilities as military command posts
* highlighted in front of the international media the extent to which Israelis are under fire, and the extraordinary efforts that Israelis have taken to protect civilians, in contrast to Hamas' attacks on civilians
* came whining to the Egyptians for help in stopping an escalation that they started themselves, basically forcing the Egyptian government to underwrite an agreement with Israel
* executed some "collaborators" in public and had a nice little motorcycle parade for the cameras, embarrassing the Hamas leadership
* put Khaled Meshaal back in charge (apparently)
* attempted to surpass Baghdad Bob by continually making ludicrous claims that were subsequently disproved.
And now
* killed some of their own supporters while celebrating a nonexistent victory.
* committed a wide plethora of war crimes, many of which (storing explosives in civilian buildings, for example) resulted in the deaths of their own people. 

Yes, they killed a handful of Israelis, mostly civilians and one an Arab. Yes, they caused a lot of damage, hurt a lot of people and wasted a lot of time. As much as I mourn for the innocents killed by the Gaza terrorists, and wish their families peace and strength, it is important to point out that while their losses are horrible tragedies for us, they achieve nothing real for people in Gaza.

So what exactly is Hamas celebrating?

I guess when Gazan terrorists can't achieve anything real, they celebrate pretend victories.


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