zaterdag 7 juli 2012

Islamitische Jihad traint kinderen op zomerkampen


Zie ook dit bericht over de vredelievende zaken die men op kleuterscholen van de Islamitische Jihad leert




Future terrorists being trained in Islamic Jihad summer camps


Summer's here, and time is right for - jihad!

Islamic Jihad is sponsoring summer camps again this year. Some 10,000 potential murderers between 12 and 16 are being indoctrinated in about 50 camps.

This year's theme is "Signs of Victory." 

The camps are meant to identify the next generation of jihadists.Activities include visiting the families of "martyrs."

Here you can see the logo for the summer camps, that is on all the campers' T-shirts.


And this is only Islamic Jihad. Hamas has summer camps too.

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