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Een moslim die van antisemiet verandert in Zionist

Abu Pessoptimist heeft er een bloedhekel aan: Arabieren en moslims die zich bekeren en opeens pro-Israel worden, en/of christen en/of anti-islam. Daar moet wel een luchtje aan zitten, hun verhaal zal minstens voor de helft gelogen zijn. Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish, en zelfs enkele bekeerde PLO-terroristen, bah!
Misschien dat sommigen het in zich hebben om door te draven, van het ene extreem naar het andere. Zoals de RAF-terrorist die later neo-nazi werd. (De RAF werkte trouwens samen met de PLO, dus zo'n verre sprong is dat nog niet.) En ook menig anti-zionist stelt vroeger kritiekloos achter Israel te hebben gestaan.
Misschien zijn sommigen ook gewoon kwaad over de leugens en de haat waarmee ze zijn opgevoed, en zetten ze zich daarom zo sterk af tegen hun vroegere geloof.
Pessoptimist hoor je weinig over die leugens en die haat, waar Joden als duivels met hoorntjes worden voorgesteld en Hitler wordt geadoreerd. Dat is vast alleen zionistische propaganda?
Waterstones is een Britse boekwinkel.

A Muslim's journey from anti-semite to Zionist



From Kasim Hafeez in TheJC:


The reality is that there is real anti-Israel and antisemitic feeling on British university campuses. How do I know this? Because until recently I was antisemitic and anti-Israel. Until recently, I was the one doing the hating.

Growing up in a Muslim community in the UK I was exposed to materials condemning Israel, painting Jews as usurpers and murderers. My views were reinforced when I attended Nakba Day rallies where speakers predicted Israel's demise.

My hate for Israel and for the Jews was fuelled by images of death and destruction, set to the backdrop of Arabic melodies about Jihad and speeches of Hizbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah or Osama Bin Laden.

There was also constant, casual antisemitism around me. My father would boast of how Adolf Hitler was a hero, his only failing being that he didn't kill enough Jews. Even the most moderate clerics I came across refused to condemn terrorism against Israel as unjustified.

What changed? In Waterstones one day I found myself in the Israel and Palestine section. To this day I don't know why I actually pulled it off the shelf, but I picked up a copy of Alan Dershowitz's The Case for Israel.

In my world view the Jews and the Americans controlled the media, so after a brief look at the back, I scoffed thinking "vile Zionist propaganda".

But I decided to buy it, eagerly awaiting the chance to deconstruct it so I could show why Israel had no case and claim my findings as a personal victory for the Palestinian cause.

As I read Dershowitz's systematic deconstruction of the lies I had been told, I felt a real crisis of conscience. I couldn't disprove his arguments or find facts to respond to them with. I didn't know what to believe. I'd blindly followed for so long, yet here I was questioning whether I had been wrong?

I decided to visit Israel to find the truth. I was confronted by synagogues, mosques and churches, by Jews and Arabs living together, by minorities playing huge parts in all areas of Israeli life, from the military to the judiciary. It was shocking and eye-opening. This wasn't the evil Zionist Israel that I had been told about.

After much soul searching, I knew what I had once believed was wrong. I had to stand with Israel, with this tiny nation, free, democratic, making huge strides in medicine, research and development, yet the victim of the same lies and hatred that nearly consumed me.

As an outsider, I ask why so many in the Jewish community are closing their eyes to the constant stream of anti-Israel hated spewed out from all facets of British society.

And while pro-Palestinian organisations burn Israeli flags, urge boycotts of Israel and protest against appearances by Israeli politicians or artists, UJS's response is shameful. It is not the time for UJS or any other group to engage in hollow flag-waving to show their "progressiveness". Let Israel's democratic history speak for itself.

Instead of meekly trying to avoid coming across as too pro-Israeli or too Zionist, it is time to make the facts known, to defend Israel against delegitimisation. It is time to stem the tide of Israel bashing before it becomes even more mainstream and consumes even more people like me.



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