zondag 22 mei 2011

Syriërs probeerden IDF soldaat te ontvoeren op "Nakba Dag"


Terwijl de Nederlandse media de nakba protesten van vorig weekend als vreedzame protesten neerzetten waartegen het Israelische leger met grof geweld optrad, blijkt de werkelijkheid weer eens wat genuanceerder. Opvallend dat een Syrische krant de poging een soldaat te kidnappen wel vermeldt, terwijl onze media daarover zwijgen.





Syrians tried to kidnap an IDF soldier on "Nakba Day"




Details from the Syrian side last Sunday were published in Tishreen.info.

One of the rioters, Sabri Yousef Al-Sawalma, said that he was shot in the legs while trying to grab and drag an IDF soldier to kidnap him.

It is obvious that the IDF soldiers were badly outnumbered. One rioter says he placed a Syrian flag on an IDF jeep.

The protesters were chanting "We go to Jerusalem, martyrs in the millions."

One of the first to break through the barbed wire said that he and his colleagues threw stones at the soldiers.

Another who was injured said that he wanted nothing more than to be martyred in Palestine.

Hospital officials said that most of the injuries were from gunshots to the legs.

It is also notable that the rioters were placing Syrian flags (as well as Palestinian Arab flags) everywhere they went, which - combined with the kidnap attempt - makes this more of an invasion from a foreign country than a peaceful protest.


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