woensdag 30 juni 2010

Iran: 'koop niet bij Joden' - boycot Coca Cola, Nestle, Intel, IBM e.a. 'zionistische' bedrijven

Alles wat met Joden te maken heeft is duivels, en moet dus geboycot worden. Men probeert dit antisemitisme te verhullen door steeds van Joden zionisten te maken maar soms glipt het er toch tussendoor. Natuurlijk blijven westerse 'mensenrechtenactivisten' en criticasters van Israel Iran verdedigen als zijnde slechts tegen het 'imperialistische Israel', sterker nog, zij staan wellicht achter deze boycot. De moderne variant van 'Kauft nicht bij Juden'.

Iran declares boycott on Coca Cola, Intel and 'Zionists'


Ahmadinejad signs law forbidding Iranian broadcast authority from airing advertisements for 'Zionist' companies. Black list include American companies owned by Jews and firms that do business with Israel. Nestle, IBM, others in crosshairs

Dudi Cohen

Published: 06.30.10, 17:49  


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad signed Wednesday a new amendment to a law in the Islamic Republic that forbids the airing of advertisements for "Zionist companies." The blacklist of prohibited companies is comprised mainly of international companies, mainly American, owned by Jews or that operate branches in Israel.

Among those on the list are Coca Cola, Nestle, Intel, and IBM.

The boycott is rooted in Iran's "Palestinian support law," which acts as a response to assertions that Israel prevented goods from entering the Gaza Strip during its raid on the flotilla.

The amendment obligates a number of government ministries to establish a committee to identify and locate products from "Zionist" companies being sold in Iran. In addition, this committee will be charged with finding the names of leading figures in the blacklisted companies so that they may be boycotted as well.

This move is another link in the chain of efforts made by Iran to isolate Israel in the world in accordance with a decision passed in Iranian parliament on the matter. Iran also plans on bringing forth a resolution to boycott Israel in the UN and in other international forums, including the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League.

The amendment also obligates the Iranian foreign ministry to present annual reports on the progress made in the Israeli boycott.

Beyond wanting to bring harm to Israel, the amendment may also be an indirect response to the new round of sanctions recently imposed on Iran by the West over its nuclear program. The move is intended mainly for internal purposes, in order to increase civilian support of the Palestinians.

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