dinsdag 15 december 2009

Verzet kolonisten tegen bevriezing nederzettingen houdt IDF af van terrorisme bestrijding

Grof gezegd werken de kolonisten dus mee aan hun eigen onveiligheid, want vanwege de vele protesten tegen de bouwstop, de weigering van sommige nederzettingen om eraan mee te werken en het gevaar van meer aanvallen op Palestijnse doelen moet het leger troepen afhalen van terrorisme bestrijding.


IDF cutting anti-terror activity to support settlement freeze
By Anshel Pfeffer Haaretz
Last update - 08:08 13/12/2009

Israel Defense Forces troops operating in the West Bank have scaled back patrols and anti-terror operations in order to provide security to the government inspectors distributing construction freeze orders in the settlements.

In the two weeks since the freeze was introduced the army has taken pains to ensure that police and Border Police officers are the only security forces dealing with the settlers in this matter, including handling public disturbances, despite the fact that it is the IDF's Operations Branch that is responsible for it.

IDF soldiers have been called in to staff checkpoints and positions that are typically staffed by Border Police officers. Moreover, IDF troops have been sent to back up Border Police units dispatched to thwart retaliatory acts by settlers against Palestinians for the freeze (the so-called price tag policy). Authorities are concerned that Palestinian terrorists could use the opportunity to wage an attack.

"We're hardly doing any offensive operations actions or patrols beyond the minimum required," one officer said. "Nonetheless, we are now required to carry out many more missions than those originally planned for us."

Security forces are seeking to make it harder for West Bank local councils to carry out new construction, having decided to grant entry permits only to Palestinian construction workers employed at building sites approved by the Civil Administration.

Most settlement homes are built by Palestinian workers who need Civil Administration authorization to enter Jewish communities in the West Bank. The Civil Administration intends to instruct local councils and security officers to only grant authorization to those workers employed at sites where construction has been allowed despite the freeze.

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