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Israel opent veldkliniek voor gewonden Gaza bij Erez grens

Een aanwijzing dat de beschieting van het huis van de Palestijnse arts die in Israel werkte en andere incidenten inderdaad tragische incidenten waren en niet bewust beleid van Israel - zoals meer en meer wordt beweerd -, is dat er ook verschillende incidenten met 'friendly fire' waren, en de meeste doden en gewonden onder de Israelische soldaten een gevolg waren van friendly fire. Het gebeurt in iedere oorlog, soms op grote schaal.

Jan 18, 2009 0:31 | Updated Jan 18, 2009 12:55
Israel to open clinic for Gazans at Erez

The Health Ministry was set to open a regional clinic at the Erez border crossing on Sunday afternoon to treat wounded Gazans. 

It is hoped that after a cease-fire is reached, casualties will be brought by the International Committee of the Red Cross to be treated there and if needed, be sent on to Israeli hospitals.

Magen David Adom, opening the clinic in full cooperation with the Health Ministry, released a statement saying that Gaza civilians would be transferred from the clinic to hospitals all over Israel based on their medical status.

The MDA added that Israeli hospitals were ready to receive the patients sent to them.

Meanwhile, Sheba Medical Center director Prof. Zeev Rothstein described the deaths from IDF fire of three daughters and one niece of a Gaza doctor doing research at Sheba as "one of the saddest events of the war for us."

Rothstein described the incident over the weekend as "a real tragedy" and Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, a 55-year-old gynecologist, as "a symbol of the tragedy of the Palestinian people."

He noted that that the physician from Gaza had "worked before at Soroka University Medical Center and had very good connections with Israelis. He is very friendly and always sought peace between the two peoples."

In IDF fire on Abuelaish's home near Beit Lahiya in Gaza, three of the doctor's daughters - aged 20, 15 and 13 - and a niece were killed on the second floor.

Another of his daughters and a son were wounded, along with his brother. All three of them are now being treated at Sheba.

Abuelaish was on the ground floor with his small son at the time of of the attack. The physician's wife died of cancer three months ago.

When Rothstein heard of the tragic incident, he immediately made arrangements to bring the wounded to his hospital and assist the family.

"We feel responsibility for him," he said.

Rothstein said he was certain there were "no Hamas terrorists in his house and that the firing must have been a mistake."

The IDF Spokesman said soldiers "opened fire in the direction of the home of the Palestinian doctor... A preliminary probe by the IDF revealed that shots had been fired at Israeli forces from an apartment near Abuelaish's home. The troops returned fire and accidentally hit Abuelaish's home."

For the past two years, the Palestinian physician has been doing research with Dr. Liat Lerner at Sheba's Gertner Institute for Health Policy Research on sharing infrastructures to improve medical treatment for Palestinian children in Gaza.

"He knows Sheba does much to promote peace and treats everyone, no matter who he is," Rothstein declared. "Dr. Abuelaish does not make accusations.

"Even thought I don't know exactly what happened, I myself do not criticize the IDF," Rothstein continued. "I trust the IDF will do an honest investigation. Mistakes occur; I have no doubt the soldiers did not purposely shoot innocent civilians. If it was a mistake, let the IDF say so. Such things can happen in war."

The hospital director added: "It is a justified war. We have to defeat Hamas, which is an inhumane organization and uses women and children as human shields. It acts not only against Israel but against its own people."

Because many journalists sought to interview him at Sheba, Abuelaish asked permission from Rothstein to hold a press conference on Saturday and speak to them all at once. It was held in the lobby.

The Gaza doctor said the location of his house was known to the IDF and that Defense Minister Ehud Barak was photographed with him in Soroka when he was the only Gaza Palestinian working in the hospital.

When a tank stood in front of the house a few days ago, the doctor called journalists who contacted security officials, and the tank was moved, Abuelaish said.

A woman passerby in Sheba's lobby shouted at Abuelaish that she has three sons fighting in Gaza and that the doctor was "propagandizing."

She and other passersby demanded that the doctor halt the press conference.

The Palestinian physician said he hoped his daughters would be the "last sacrifices of this war."

Rothstein commented: "We don't prevent anybody from speaking. We organized the press conference so it would be easier for him."

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