dinsdag 20 januari 2009

Humanitaire hulp stroomt Gazastrook binnen

Hoezo 'blokkade' van de Gazastrook?
Nu nog een einde aan de wapensmokkel.

Ministry of Defense
Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories
Office of the Spokesman

19 January, 2009

Humanitarian aid flows in to Gaza via Kerem Shalom, Karni and Nahal Oz crossings

Kerem Shalom, Karni, Nahal Oz and Erez crossings operated today in order to enable humanitarian movements and convey humanitarian goods in to Gaza.

Throughout the day 195 trucks laden with 4946 tons of supplies at the request of various international organizations, donations from Jordan, Egypt and the Israeli organization "latet" all made their way to Gaza. Following a successful pilot yesterday, direct access from Egypt to Gaza was conducted and 10 trucks with an Egyptian donation of 198 tons of flour entered directly in to Gaza though Kerem Shalom. Also, the ICRC facilitated the transfer of ten ambulances from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society in the West Bank to the Gaza Strip, in order to strengthen the ambulance fleet in Gaza. Further medical movements included 33 Palestinians that left Gaza for medical treatment in Israel, including eight cancer patients en route to Augusta Victoria hospital in Jerusalem.

Also, 537,100 liters of heavy duty diesel and 206 tons of domestic gas were transferred to the Gaza Strip via Nahal Oz fuel depot.

Since the beginning of the operation, 41,937 tons of humanitarian supplies have been transferred to Gaza in 1693 trucks. Also, 2,263,351 liters of fuel have been conveyed through Nahal Oz and Kerem Shalom.

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