maandag 19 januari 2009

Hezbollah website claimt 96 Israelische soldaten gesneuveld in Gaza

Als we Hezbollah mogen geloven valt het dus wel mee met die disproportionaliteit. Hadden we dat eerder geweten, dan had Israel welllicht wat sympathieker - want kwetsbaarder - geleken. Gelukkig kunnen we Hezbollah, dat meent dat de Holocaust een zionistisch verzinsel is, wat dit betreft niet al te serieus nemen.
[This is reportedly an Iran-based website run by the Hezbollah terrorist group for " the defense association for Lebanon & Palestine Islamic resistance movement ".]

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Monday 19/01/2009 Time: 11:18
Israeli casualties in Gaza over 741!

The real information based on hospital records and military reports shows that Israel has lied to the media about the casualties during Gaza offensive. This is because if the Israel public knew they've lost and defeated so, there would be riots like never seen before .
According to reports, more than 741 IDF forces have been killed or injured during the war; among the 96 death tolls, 22 officers and two top commanders.
The authentic records of hospitals and military services , under extensive censorship, reveals that apart from hard destructions in Israeli settlements infrastructure, about 22 dead and 220 injured civilians by Hamas rockets hit reports.
The military authorities in Tel Aviv confirm taking over of 17 Merkavaa tanks and 22 other Aschzarit MK1, 1 reconnaissance war plane and two helicopters by the resistance forces.

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