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Peres en Olmert bieden Moebarak verontschuldigingen aan voor uitlatingen Lieberman

In schrille tegenstelling tot de Egyptische president Moebarak, hebben premier Olmert en president Peres van Israel zich beiden verontschuldigd voor de onvriendelijke uitlatingen van een parlementslid, aldus verklaringen van hun woordvoerders:
Prime Minister Olmert spoke, this evening, with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and told him that he apologizes - on behalf of the State of Israel - for the crude remarks that MK Avigdor Lieberman made about him in the Knesset.  The Prime Minister added that such remarks ought not to have been heard but from the moment they were, they were unnecessary and damaging. The Prime Minister emphasized that Israel views Egyptian President Mubarak as a strategic partner and a close friend, and added that he attributes supreme importance to enhancing both bilateral relations and the peace between the two countries.
Deze uitgebreide excuses zijn een goede illustratie van hetgeen Lieberman in ondiplomatieke bewoordingen benoemde: de scheve verhouding in de relatie tussen Israel en Egypte. Dat niet alles altijd koek en ei is is een ding, en mag niet verbazen gezien het conflict met de Palestijnen en de problemen in de regio, maar er is een soort fundamentele ongelijkheid, een minachting aan Egyptes kant voor Israel. Het zou niet bij Mubarak opkomen om zich te verontschuldigen voor onaardige uitspraken van parlementsleden of andere publieke personen, antisemitische cartoons, holocaustontkenningen en wat niet al. Het feit dat Mubarak nooit naar Israel komt, en dat hij de Israelische premier doorgaans in de Sinai ontvangt en niet in zijn eigen residentie in Cairo, is hier een ander voorbeeld van. Dat dat in Israel wringt en tot irritaties leidt mag niet verbazen.    



October 29, 2009

The President of the State, Shimon Peres, Has Issued a Special Announcement Expressing Regret Over the Inappropriate Remarks Made Regarding President Mubarak and His Country During a State Remembrance Ceremony Today

In a special statement, available on video from the Associated Press, President Peres said:

"In a memorial ceremony in our parliament, one of the members made an impolite remark concerning President Mubarak. All of us are very sorry about it.  I want to make clear that we have the highest respect for President Mubarak. He is a really stable leader for peace in the Middle East. He does not stop for a moment from acting for peace. And he continues to do so.  I just talked to him on the phone, and I am so glad that he is trying to see what are the chances of furthering the causes of peace in all of our region."


MK Lieberman: If Mubarak won't visit Israel, he can go to hell Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST
Oct. 29, 2008

Israel Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Lieberman spoke out against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Wednesday, saying that if he does not care to visit Israel, he can "go to hell."

Lieberman was speaking at a Knesset memorial session marking the seventh anniversary of former Minister Rehavam Ze'evi's murder by Palestinian terrorists.

"The state of Israel is Jewish by definition. Whoever is not willing to accept this definition has no place in this house or for that matter in any other house, from Metula to Eilat," he said. "[Ze'evi] would never agree to the self effacing attitude of Israel vis-a-vis Egypt. Time after time we went to see Mubarak in Egypt - he never agreed to come here in an official capacity as president."

"Every self-respecting [Israeli] leader," Lieberman said, would expect a reciprocal visit when making one on his own. "He wants to talk with us? Let him come here; he doesn't want to talk with us - let him go to hell," Lieberman said.

The session was opened by Kadima chairwoman and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who described Ze'evi as "a charming and honest man, who symbolizes first and foremost the Land of Israel in its whole, complete and historic sense. The land that each of us, regardless of political persuasion, feels in the depths of our souls."

Ze'evi, the minister continued, "symbolizes mutual dependence" of Israelis on one another. Livni pointed to the dog-tags he wore as a reminder of missing captives. "Even if the names on these change, our commitment to bring the boys back home remains," she said.

"We had our disagreements regarding the correct path, but there are days when disagreements suddenly disappear and the people of Israel stand united. If he were sitting here today, we'd probably be arguing. But this is the Ze'evi who always stood his ground, to his death. we must always remember that horrible moment, when we understand who the real enemies of the state of Israel are, who are those who seek to harm us," Livni said.

Speaking after Livni, Netanyahu used the podium to describe the government he "would be heading." He especially emphasized an educational revolution based on core Zionist values he planned to implement. Netanyahu also clarified that the Education portfolio will be given to a minister from Likud.

Some MKs from Labor and Meretz left the session angrily at this point. "Can we have less politics in a memorial session?" remarked Labor's Ophir Paz-Pines. "This is an outrage," Eitan Cabel, also of Labor, added. Meretz MK Ran Cohen said "Bibi is insolent, using the Ze'evi memorial for cynical election propaganda. If this was a memorial for Netanyahu, Ze'evi would not be doing the same."

NU-NRP MK Zvi Hendel said at the beginning of his speech, after Netanyahu, "Despite the upcoming election, I will not be talking politics - I want to speak about Ze'evi." Knesset Chairwoman Dalia Itzik, of Kadima, responded "I will appreciate that a lot."

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