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Infiltrant uit Gazastrook deel van Hamas ontvoeringsplan

Het staakt-het-vuren weerhoudt Hamas er blijkbaar niet van om dergelijke aanvallen te plannen en hier mensen voor te recruteren en te trainen. Het zou mooi zijn als het NOS journaal en andere media hier ook aandacht voor hebben, maar dat zal wel wishful thinking zijn....
De tunnels worden dus niet alleen gebruikt voor de smokkel van vee en andere onschuldige zaken.

Infiltrator from Gaza Admits to be part of a Hamas Squad that Planned a Kidnap Attack
IDF Spokeperson October 26th, 2008

Infiltrator from Gaza Admits to be part of a Hamas Squad that Planned a Kidnap Attack against Israeli Targets

Now released for publication:
On September 21st 2008, IDF and GSS (General Security Service) forces arrested Gammal A'atalla Sabah Abu Duaba, Born 1987, after he attempted to infiltrate Israel via the Israeli Egyptian border.

During his investigation by the GSS, he said that he infiltrated the southern border of the Gaza strip into Egypt using an underground tunnel and that he stayed in Egypt for a few weeks during which he made final arrangements to cross into Israel and implement the plans for the attack.

He further mentioned that he was sent to Israel by senior members in the Hamas terror organization, who trained him and his squad and funded their operations; seniors with which he kept direct and continuous contact during his stay in Sinai.

The objective of Abu Duaba's squad was to kidnap Israeli soldiers and smuggle them through Egypt into Gaza, in order to use them as leverage in negotiations for the releasing of Palestinian prisoners. The plan was to be carried out using the assistance of an additional operative who waited in Egypt for the day of the attack.

The planned outline of the attack was to lure IDF soldiers to the Israeli Egyptian border using a set up drug smuggling attempt and abduct them into the Gaza strip via an underground tunnel, while using an allocated field car for the operation. According to Abu Duaba, sleeping pills that were uncovered in his bag were to be used to anaesthetize the soldiers and allow their kidnapping without resistance.

Abu Duaba's investigation also exposed the fact that he illegally stayed in Israel a number of times in the past, during which he made connections with criminal factors within Israel, which he wished to use for the staging of a drug smuggling attempt as part of the attack.

Today, October 26th 2008, Abu Duaba was indicted in the Beer Sheva District Regional Court.

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