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De 12 types mensen die comments plaatsen op nieuws websites

Bijna elk artikel over Israel levert een stroom reacties op in de comments sectie, vaak van zeer bedenkelijk allooi, behalve bij nieuwssites die zo verstandig zijn geweest reacties uit te schakelen. Spot de types....
NB: op de originele site van Buzzfeed staan komische gifjes bij onderstaand artikel, die voor Blogger helaas te groot waren.

The 12 Types Of People You Find In News Website Comments

Wake up, sheeple.posted on October 3, 2013 at 5:19am EDT

Tom Phillips  BuzzFeed Staff 



1. The free speech martyr.

Key Traits: Thinks there’s a conspiracy of website moderators to stop them bringing the truth to the people. Like a Russian novelist in a gulag, they write not knowing if the world will ever read their words. 
Typical Quote: “Not that the mods will dare publish this comment, of course.” 



2. Captain Satire.

Key Traits: Has come up with HILARIOUS names for politicians and political parties that completely NAIL their hypocrisy.
Typical Quotes: “ZaNu LieBore”, “Con-Dem-nation”, “Tony BLiar”, “David Scameron”, “Barack’ll Bombya”, “EUSSR”, etc. 


3. Freelance accountants.

Key Traits: Just really interested in how much the journalist earned for the article they’re commenting on.
Typical Quote: “Did you get paid to write this?” 


4. The Resistance.

Key Traits: They are the last bastion of defence against the imminent collapse of society. They have their principles and they will defend them to the death.
Typical Quotes: “We did not fight two world wars to have Energy Saving Lightbulbs foisted on us. The people of this country will not stand for it.”; “The silent majority will roar.” 


5. That bloke who just spends an awful lot of his time thinking about gay sex.

Key Traits: Really not happy about gay people. All those gays, having all their gay sex with other gays. Gayly. 
Typical Quote: “I have no problem with gays, I’m just sick of them ramming it down my throat.” 


6. Definitely, definitely not racists.

Key Traits: Are racist.
Typical Quote: “I’m not a racist, but…” 


7. Jazz bigots.

Key Traits: Not constrained by the normal boundaries of bigotry, they improvise and riff on classic hatreds to create crazy new freeform bebop slurs so unique that you can only think, Wow, I had no idea that could even be a prejudice.
Typical Quotes: There are no typical jazz bigot quotes. 


8. Pedant’s

Key Traits: They believe they have spotted a spelling, punctuation, or grammar error in the article and THUS THEY WIN THE INTERNET FOREVER.
Typical Quote: “Maybe you should learn some basic English skills before writing for a national publication.” 


9. The people who don’t realise websites can have more than one thing on them.

Key Traits: Does not think this thing they have just read is news. Consistently really baffled to find things like music news or TV reviews in the entertainment section of a website. Steadfast in their belief that news sites can only cover one story at a time.
Typical Quotes: “How is this news?”; “You do realise there’s a war in Syria, right?” 


10. The ones whose points are fatally undermined by the fact they also filled out the “location” bit of the comment form.

Key Traits: Really angry about immigrants (while living in another country). Very keen to tell people about the horrific reality of living in the inner city (despite the fact they live in a small village in Cumbria). That sort of thing.
Typical Quote: “It’s a disgrace how these foreigners flood our country and never try to integrate into British society.” — Barry, Costa del Sol 


11. Anybody who says “methinks”.

Key Traits: Says “methinks”.
Typical Quote: “Methinks”. 


12. …and commenters with reasonable, informed, well-argued points that illuminate the issue and bring fresh perspectives to the debate.


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