dinsdag 15 juni 2010

Vijf pijpbommen gevonden en politieagent doodgeschoten op Westoever

Wie denkt dat de Palestijnen geen aanslagen meer proberen te plegen, heeft het mis.

Five Pipe Bombs Discovered at the Hawwara Crossing
14 June 2010 , 21:42
IDF forces discovered the explosive devices in a bag that was placed by a Palestinian at the Hawwara crossing. The suspect was taken for questioning

On Monday afternoon (June 14), IDF forces discovered a suspicious bag that was placed by a Palestinian at the Hawwara security crossing, south of Nablus. The bag was taken for security examination by IDF sappers, and five pipe bombs were found inside. The explosive devices were detonated in a controlled manner, and the Palestinian was taken to security forces for questioning.

Meanwhile, earlier the same day (June 14), a bomb exploded at the border of the southern Gaza Strip near Kibbutz Nirim. No injuries or damage were reported in this incident. IDF forces searched the area to investigate who placed the bomb.

Moreover, on Monday morning (June 14), the policeman Sgt. Maj. Yehoshua Sufer, 39 years, was shot dead by terrorists at the Al Fawar Junction south of Hebron on route 60. Another policeman was moderately wounded and two others were lightly injured in the shooting incident. Sgt. Maj. Sufer was evacuated to the hospital after the incident and succumbed to his wounds. Security forces are still conducting extensive searches in order to locate those responsible for the shooting.

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