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Tel Aviv was Arabisch dorp volgens Arabisch Knessetlid

Dit soort taferelen schijnen in de Knesset niet ongewoon te zijn, waar men zelfs weleens met elkaar op de vuist gaat. Leuk, zo'n mediterrane sfeer. Het probleem is dat Zehalka, in tegenstellling tot de imam Enait, waar Jeroen Pauw het onlangs mee aan de stok kreeg, geen extremist is binnen eigen kring maar de visie van een flink deel van de Arabieren in Israel verwoordt: "Israel is gesticht op gestolen grond en heeft eigenlijk geen bestaansrecht". Margalits reactie mag ons overdreven voorkomen, als mensen zich zo over Nederland zouden uitlaten zou een deel van de bevolking (en niet alleen de Wilders-aanhangers) ook in de gordijnen zitten. Daar komt bij dat Israel veel meer vijanden heeft dan Nederland.
Arab MK: Tel Aviv is the Arab Village of Sheikh Munis!
by Hillel Fendel

(IsraelNN.com) A rancorous TV interview last week with an Arab Knesset Member that revealed his apparent desires to conquer Tel Aviv continues to make waves. Arutz Sheva's Hebrew site entitled its article on the topic, "The Israeli interviewer who did not forget that he is Jewish."

The broadcast occurred on Thursday night, on the Erev Chadash (New Evening) program hosted by veteran broadcaster Dan Margalit and his younger co-host Ronen Bergman, and broadcast on Channel 1 and 23. Arab MK Jamal Zehalka (Balad) was their guest, and the discussion centered around that morning's Arab protest against Israel. One Arab MK at the protest, Taleb A-Sana, used his cell phone to broadcast a live address to the rally by Hamas terrorist chief executive Ismail Haniye. Zehalke, for his part, said that Defense Minister Ehud Barak likes to listen to classical music and kill children, comparing him to a Nazi.

Zehalka told his interviewers that there is a "lack of knowledge among Israelis about the terrible situation in Gaza, and there is nothing wrong with Haniye expressing his opinion to the Israeli public."

Bergman said, "He is the head of a terrorist organization that is at war with Israel, and you give him a platform to speak. You don't see how this is perceived here?" Zehalka responded that it was good for Haniye's voice to be heard. At this point, Margalit said, "I don't think there is such a humanitarian crisis in Gaza as you think there is, though that's not the point--"

Zehalka: "I can bring you examples from the UN report."

Margalit: "Come on, who believes the UN? The UN is an arm of - look at the Goldstone report."

Zehalka: "OK, so you believe the Israeli generals?"

Margalit: "I don't have to believe anyone. I was in Sderot myself for three years and I saw the Kassam rockets that came flying over there, courtesy of Haniye and his friends, well before Israel carried out any military campaign. So come on. But that's not the point; the point is that Hamas is an enemy, and you, as Knesset Members, apparently couldn't care less…

Bergman: "Why don't you protest against Egypt? If they would open their blockade of Gaza in Rafiach, there would be no humanitarian crisis there!"

Zehalka: "I support the Egyptian opposition's protest against their government" [evoking sarcastic laughter by the interviewers] … We want to stop the suffering in Gaza, one must be totally obtuse in order not to see this."

Margalit: "Not quite; Hamas has fired 8,000 rockets…"

Zehalka: "There were 1,400 dead Arabs and 400 children [in Cast Lead] [sic]."

Margalit: "Because Hamas fired rockets…"

Zehalka: "Ehud Barak listens to classical music and kills children!"

Margalit: "Yes, we've heard that, we've heard that. What chutzpah (gall, nerve -- ed.) it takes to talk that way."

Zehalka: "No, the chutzpah is the killing. Don't say it is nerve."

Margalit: "It is chutzpah."

Zehalka (yelling): "Don't you say chutzpah!"

Margalit: "I'll say what I want, I don't live in your [type of] country, I live in a democracy."

Zehalka (yelling): "You talk as if you're in the marketplace!"

Margalit: "I talk that way? You say that Barak is a murderer! You are chatzuf [cheeky, rude, disrespectful, from the same root as the Hebrew word chutzpah]!"

Zehalka (yelling): "Don't call me chatzuf!"

Margalit: "You're chatzuf!"

Zehalka: "Don't call me chatzuf!"

Margalit: "You're chatzuf!"

Zehalka: "Oh yeah? You're a zero!"

Margalit: "Oh? OK, now you've convinced me."

Zehalka: "You're a zero! You're a mouthpiece for all the prime ministers, and you're a court reporter! You're a court reporter!"

Margalit: "Yes, OK, Zehalka, you're right, now get out of here. You don't care about all the Kassams, now get out of here."

After another round or two of mutual insults, when it appeared that Zehalka had finally left, Margalit had trouble calming down, and said, "You saw that chatzuf? He says that Barak is a child murderer!"

Zehalka's voice is heard from offstage: "Don't say chatzuf!"

Margalit: "Get out of here already!"

Zehalka: "Don't say chatzuf! Don't say get out of here already!"

Margalit: "Can you let me work, please?" (The next interviewee had already arrived)

Zehalka [still yelling from offstage]: "This is Sheikh Munis here!" (referring to a former Arab village on the ruins of which northern Tel Aviv -- including the television studio -- was built)

Margalit [banging on the table]: "Aaah, now we see what you really want!  Now it's clear! You want to conquer this from us too! Now we see the truth!"

Zehalka: "No, we want to live together! I was born here, you are an immigrant!"

Margalit:"Oh, I'm an immigrant?" (Margalit was born in Tel Aviv in 1938)


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