donderdag 10 december 2009

Islamitische Jihad terrorist in Nablus opgepakt door IDF

De IDF doet nog geregeld invallen in o.a. Nablus, waar een Palestijnse terrorist van Islamitische Jihad zich 7 jaar kon schuilhouden.
IDF Spokesperson
8 December 2009
Wanted Islamic Jihad Operative Arrested Last Night in Nablus

Last night, in a joint Israel Defense Forces and Israel Security Agency (ISA) operation, Zalach Mahmad Zalach Buchari, a wanted Islamic Jihad operative was arrested in Nablus.

Buchri, born in 1973, was a wanted suspect for the past seven years due to his involvement in the Islamic Jihad terror organization.

The suspect was an active Islamic Jihad operative responsible for planning a suicide bombing in the Tel Aviv central bus station in January 2002. In this terror attack 28 civilians were wounded, three of them were critically injured and one of them suffered mild injuries.

In 2003, Buchari recruited another suicide bomber to carry out an attack within Israel which was thwarted by security forces at the last minute.

Bucahri was also involved in activities against Israel Defense Forces soldiers. In 2002 he attempted to carry out a car bombing and to detonate large explosives against IDF soldiers.

Between 2002-2003, Buchari planned to abduct Israeli soldiers and to construct an explosives-manufacturing lab inside Israeli territory.

Seven years ago, Zalach Mahmad Zalach Buchari went into hiding in Nablus for fear of being arrested. Last night he was arrested in his apartment and transferred to the custody of the ISA.

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