vrijdag 11 december 2009

Duitse documentaire ontmaskert Al Dura hoax?

De dood van het Palestijnse jongetje Mohammed Al Dura, en vooral de beelden van France2 daarvan die de wereld rondgingen, hebben tot vele aanslagen en Israelische doden geinspireerd. Steeds meer wijst er echter op dat hij helemaal niet door Israel is gedood. Maar de mythe zal blijven voortleven en worden gebruikt, niet alleen om Palestijns geweld goed te praten, maar ook om Israels bestaansrecht te delegitimeren en het als een schurkenstaat neer te zetten. De feiten zijn daarbij van ondergeschikt belang.

Palivision revisited: The Palestinian martyr who wasn't: German documentary debunks Al Dura killing - again


Who killed Muhammad al Dura (or was he killed)? Al-Dura was the poster boy of the Palestinian violence, which Marwan Barghouti initated, by his own confession (boast actually) in September of 2000. Made famous by doctored French TV footage, the supposed murder of twelve year old al-Dura by evil Zionist IDF forces was fuel for a thousand real murders.

Too late, the truth is slowly coming out: there was probably no Israeli murder of al-Dura, and the entire incident was some sort of Palivision hoax. A trial in France revealed the facts. The verdict of that trial is being appealled, but there is no denying the facts - the French film makers intentionally omitted crucial footage showing al-Dura alive after his supposed "death." Apart from that, it was impossible for Israeli troops to shoot at Al Dura and leave the shell marks that were evident in the area.

Al-Dura's body is not moldering in any grave most likely, but the al-Dura hoax goes marching on - many still believe it, just as they believed the fabrications about the "Jenin Massacre" and just as they believe Israel committed war crimes in Gaza in the 2008-9 Operation Cast Lead that was carried out to stop Hamas rocket attacks.

Ami Isseroff
Dec. 9, 2009
A German documentary that is the latest to attack media reports from nine years ago related to the shooting death of 12-year-old Palestinian Muhammad al-Dura will air on Channel 1 Wednesday night.

Dura was allegedly shot by Israeli soldiers at the Gaza Strip's Netzarim Junction in September 2000, during the first days of the second intifada, and the footage of his death has become a familiar image to hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide.

Within months of the incident, however, challenges began surfacing regarding the veracity of the footage, which was broadcast worldwide by French news agency France 2. The claims have centered on discrepancies between the claims of Palestinian cameraman Talal Abu Rahma, and the footage itself, which some argue shows that Dura and his father Jamal could not have been shot from the IDF position at the Netzarim Junction.

The German documentary, titled The Child, the Death and the Truth, is the second by filmmaker Esther Schapira dealing with the Dura affair. Her previous film, the 2002 documentary Three Bullets and a Child, for the German channel ARD, purported to reveal serious discrepancies in the claims by Abu Rahma and France 2 Israel correspondent Charles Enderlin regarding IDF responsibility for Dura's death.

The debate has been the subject of lawsuits between France 2 and French media critic Phillipe Karsenty. Those are still ongoing, with a France 2 appeal to the French Cour de Cassation, the country's highest appeals court.

The film will air at 9:45 p.m. on Mabat Sheni, Channel 1's investigative program.


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