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Avigdor Lieberman voor tweestatenoplossing - wie volgt?

Avigdor Lieberman, de 'extreemrechtse' nieuwe Israëlische minister van buitenlandse zaken, zou gezegd hebben dat de tweestatenoplossing de enige oplossing van het Israëlisch-Palestijnse conflict is. Daarmee toont hij zich warempel linkser en realistischer dan lieden als Ilan Pappe, Arjen El Fassed, Astrid Essed etc.

Surprise: 'Lieberman says two states the only way'

The ultranationalist right wing, war monger expansionist neocon, racist, right wing (did I mention that?) Israeli FM of the right wing (did I mention that?) expansionist Zionist war criminal Israel government is reported to have said that a two state solution was the only way to achieve peace and security.

Go figure.

'Lieberman says two states the only way'

Apr. 25, 2009 Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman was "very moderate" during his meeting with Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman last week, and told him that a two-state solution with the Palestinians was the only way to achieve peace and security in the region, according to a report in the London-based Arab paper Al-Hayat Saturday.

The paper was quoting an unnamed Egyptian official who it described as "reliable." Lieberman, the official said, also told Suleiman that economical development of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip was of utmost importance to the peace process. The official said that the meeting between the two was successful and achieved its objective.

The Jerusalem Post could not confirm the report.

Regarding Gaza, the source said that the Israeli position on the subject was that any renewed cease-fire with Hamas was conditional to the release of Gilad Schalit, But, he added, any possible prisoner exchange for the abducted soldier has been put on hold as the new Israeli government studies the issue. The source said Suleiman had made it clear to Israeli officials that the current quiet on the Gaza front was due to understandings between Egypt and Hamas.

Israeli leaders told Suleiman that the strengthening of Israeli-Egyptian relations was at the top of their agenda, the official said. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, he added, was expected to visit Egypt following his upcoming visit to Washington.


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